Omar responds to Carlson's claim that she hates America

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 10, 2019
  • After Fox News host Tucker Carlson said Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) "hates this country more than ever," Omar responded to the claim saying Carlson is a "racist fool." CNN's Brian Stelter reports. #CNN #News
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  • Christopher Farnworth

    Christopher Farnworth

     1 months ago +1623

    "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

  • A Bara

    A Bara

     2 days ago +5

    Tucker ask questions. Objectively. Points out the obvious, making shitcunts uncomfortable.

  • Matthew Santos

    Matthew Santos

     14 days ago +50

    CNN can't even give an unbias point of view

  • peccatoribus64


     14 days ago +15

    Man that congresswoman with those bed sheets on her head is really looking more and more like E.T.!!

  • cheryl Rigby

    cheryl Rigby

     yesterday +1

    Thank God for our differences. Vote blue all around!

  • Angela Castro

    Angela Castro

     1 months ago +905

    Of course they won't show the whole comment. That would be the truth.

  • Ivan Castro

    Ivan Castro

     22 hours ago

    CNN as fake as always , biased to the demonrat party ....
    Just pitiful !

  • Ricky Harvey

    Ricky Harvey

     14 days ago +18

    Do you really think she would of been in Washington ten years ago !!! I cant wait for her to run for president !!!! President trump keep draining the swamp !!!!

  • N Cisco 78

    N Cisco 78


    Wow CNN is crazy, no problem doing exactly what they claim & demonize others of doing.

  • Mickey Pimp

    Mickey Pimp

     17 hours ago

    CNN makes me so mad. It's like watching someone lie to your with confidence and a smile. O wait that's what it is

  • Rosemarie Lancieri

    Rosemarie Lancieri

     1 months ago +48


  • James Yates

    James Yates

     20 hours ago

    This is all out of her own mouth!! Tucker just said what we all think!!

  • Remo Bandini

    Remo Bandini


    Lemon... I vomit every time I hear you. I don't know why. It just happens.

  • SmashDashNCrash


     14 days ago +14

    And this is why Fox blasts you in the ratings.
    Pirro is a racist huh? But wait dont you think only white people can be racist?
    The Judge is Puerto Rican.
    Quick someone dub over Little Brian with Mark Dice's voice.

  • Mister Mxyztplk

    Mister Mxyztplk

     14 days ago +74

    When you can't win an argument, use the "RaceCard" Don't leave home without it.

  • Drew Tindor

    Drew Tindor

     1 months ago +524

    Some people saying some things.

  • kahsay ftsum

    kahsay ftsum

     14 days ago +31

    Carlson is the greatest renegade in human history.

  • Nhi Nho Cu Con

    Nhi Nho Cu Con

     2 days ago +1

    Devil 😜 ! May God send her back where she was from

  • Zelalem Zemene

    Zelalem Zemene


    I learned a lot from comments, " majorities doesn't know politics "

  • A.K.A KDOG

    A.K.A KDOG

     6 days ago +4

    Marry your brother and kiddies got uncle daddy