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  • Published on:  Monday, August 6, 2018
  • The Best!? Watch ALL GOLDEN Buzzer auditions on Britain's Got Talent 2018. Who was your favourite buzzer?? Let us know in the comments below.. ▶︎ Singer Donchez:▶︎ Magician Marc Spelmann:▶︎ Singers Jack and Tim:▶︎ Singer Gruffydd:▶︎ Singer Lifford: more Britain's Got Talent BGT:▶︎ Subscribe to Got Talent Global:▶︎ Watch more Got Talent Global videos:▶︎ Facebook:▶︎ Twitter:▶︎ Instagram: Talent Global brings together the very best in worldwide talent, creating a central hub for fans of the show to keep up to date with the other sensational performances from around the world.
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  • mauro mancillas

     2 months ago

    We both know you should be sleeping right now

  • Michael Hart


    At 10:30am?

  • Lindsay B

     3 days ago

    It’s 6 in the morning and I haven’t slept

  • Funny Bunny

     3 months ago

    I congratulate the last guy, not for the Golden Buzzer, but for the Golden friends he have

  • Respected Gaming

     6 hours ago

    Funny Bunny just in case it's grufydd something like that

  • Laurent Lievens

     5 days ago

    I need me a mate like that guy

  • Ido

     4 months ago

    *all the comments:* I wish I had friends like that last guy*me:* I wish I had friends

  • WhoWantBrunch Mhan69

     4 hours ago


  • Cherry Snow

     3 days ago

    Ido you have me as a youtube friend. Bless you

  • Amethyst Gacha

     2 months ago

    Janitors be like “NO NO NO DONT DO IT”*presses button” Crowd goes wild.Janitors resign.

  • Yui Gacha

     7 days ago

    Zulema Gonzalez Wtf

  • ғɪʟʟ 1ɴ ᴛ҉ ʜ3 ʙʟᴀɴᴋs

     15 days ago


  • Joey Olive

     2 months ago

    *When you cry at work because of that Magicians wife and daughter.*

  • Symbro


    pissed me off wife and daughter almost died... let me use them in a mentalist magic act.

  • Jay Shizuran

     2 months ago

    Judge: You know what? *Presses golden Buzzer*Janitor: *Slowly pulls out Gun*

  • Jay Shizuran

     5 hours ago

    LM Melodie janitor is the one who takes care of your mom, when your daddy's not around 😉

  • LM Melodie

     6 hours ago

    What does janitor mean? Help 😂

  • 1sakura0girl1

     27 days ago

    Instead of wishing for friends like that let's become friends like that !

  • Alvaro Neto

     2 days ago

    Awesome advice. I very much need it.

  • Prezii TM

     2 months ago

    The magician act was simply amazing man, I actually shed a tear with it l, it’s incredible

  • Lune Savage

     8 days ago

    Solar Blast he prob used stickers inside of the rubix cube box that were already in that pattern and when he put it inside they stuck to it. He forced the playing card. If you look at his grip you can see he’s doing a lift or break. The marker Simon used was probably dry and didn’t work. And the word was already circled. That’s why he made it where Simon couldn’t test the marker. And took it from him right after. And the red crayon was also forced thats why he couldn’t look at it while he selected it....

  • Black Box

     10 days ago

    12:08 I'm high & i think I know how he did that trick . Someone made this video in a very less time while he was performing on the stage and at the end they showed this very new video. 😅😂

  • kxwaii

     3 months ago

    That wiggle wine was catchy afThanks for the likes 😂

  • MF Sistemas671

     28 days ago

    The best audicion for me

  • kxwaii

     1 months ago

    Wtf 400 likes

  • FTF909

     4 months ago


  • Gaston

     12 days ago

    FTF909 💀🤣🤣