Is This ROPE Strong Enough?

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 20, 2019
  • Today we're testing out what type of rope is the strongest, including the rope made from a soda bottle!

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    Who raptor is that

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    Rip The King of Random😔

  • jo morken størseth

    jo morken størseth

     1 months ago +1

    In a knot or splice you will only have around 75% of the rope's strength

  • Eddie Lane

    Eddie Lane

     1 months ago

    The main problem with this test is you don't have any comparison between what is a better rope because they are all different sizes. If you would have them the same length and the same thickness it is easier to do a comparison of which is stronger and better. When you take for example the thinnest rope which breaks very fast with the lowest number and you compare it to the thickest rope which was made from the plastic bottles it is hard to do a comparison.

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    Woah a video without these comments like "rip grant,1 like is happiness ,sad,:("

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    There is a random king of random symbol that flashes up at 6:57

  • chas sisom

    chas sisom

     1 months ago

    You need to use the proper knot to maintain line strength. Check out fishing knots for the best options.

  • Anton de Lange

    Anton de Lange

     1 months ago

    A knot will have a huge impact on the breaking strength. I am a sailing instructor and in some braided lines it makes more than 30% difference. Use a bow line knot or a flat knot as they will not reduce the line strength. All those clamps etc. really don't do the job right.

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    Love ur vids

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    Rip man

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    Anime NPC

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    Rest well mate thanks for teaching me and continuing to further my love of science and engineering.

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    Amy Cowan

     1 months ago

    Someone go on Shark Tank with this and have some of the profits go to Grants family

  • Kris King

    Kris King

     1 months ago

    What’s the thickest cotton rope you guys can make

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    Grants gone

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    Please put kg in the subtitles lb doesn't make sense to me

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    They forgot Grant's coconut rope

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    Rip my boy I will u forever