Trump’s Weird One-on-One with George Stephanopoulos | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 20, 2019
  • President Trump gives George Stephanopoulos an in-depth tour of the Oval Office and reveals his continued distaste for negative polls and his intolerance of coughing.

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  • ToniHunterOne


     4 hours ago

    What a big baby! Geez!

  • Who Isreal

    Who Isreal


    But w8. He HOPES thay get his financial statements? 🧐

  • Gregory S

    Gregory S

     2 days ago

    Why has Stephanopoulos been given what appears to be special access? There is also a video where the two are in the car on some drive with all of the support that goes with presidential traveling. In both cases, it's like their good friends, rather than a reporter doing his job.

  • Richard Butchko

    Richard Butchko

     2 days ago

    When Trump owned 2 casinos, an expert warned him that one casino would cannibalize the other. He fired that man and his prediction came true. Trump hates facts.

  • Richard Butchko

    Richard Butchko

     2 days ago

    Trump just claimed someone made up numbers... Oh the irony...

  • Darth Obscurity

    Darth Obscurity

     2 days ago

    He fired his pollsters for allowing the leaks. Your narrative would have worked better if you cut the clip about 5 seconds sooner.

  • Jirroh Leon

    Jirroh Leon

     3 days ago

    Only fools like Trevor Noah and his ilk can buy such cooked numbers ,what were the opinion poll number in june 2016 ,then september reality ?? Fools will always be foolish liberals .

  • Hiram Eberhardt

    Hiram Eberhardt

     3 days ago +4

    His spray tan makes him look like a CLOWN.

  • Brett Fine

    Brett Fine

     3 days ago

    What no Black people Shot today we'll there's tomorrow

  • Vio W

    Vio W

     4 days ago +5

    I would love this old man if he wasn't a president

  • Sophie Peraaud

    Sophie Peraaud

     5 days ago +4


  • Olli Oxenfree

    Olli Oxenfree

     5 days ago

    Trump is like a very bad old movie....they identify the designated ringer resulting in deus comes our hero: Adam Schiff! And his courageous democratic posse in their very white hats...yea! Pheloneous trump screams and stamps his clown feet and yells fake, unfair, and no tax returns for you....but our stalwart posse says we don,’t think so. .....and their ideal Lady of the Incentive: Nancy Pelosi gives the thumbs up and the posse moves out.....roping in that criminal self serving antagonist and the audience cheers.....the triumphant posse prevails , phelonious trump is in the porky......and our hero says..,aw shucks ma’am..twarn’t nothin ‘ atall......then we hear,,,,,hi ho Silver.... and tanta. (qui mo sabe’s aunt). ....and back in the pokey someone coughs....oops!

  • Silvia Brown

    Silvia Brown

     6 days ago

    What did obama have to say.....ha ha!!

  • Jan Schneider

    Jan Schneider

     6 days ago

    We love you Trump!!

  • C B

    C B

     7 days ago

    This president is kinda funny though 😂😂😂😂 makes me wonder why everyone wants to hurt his feelings so badly . He is just human, he has his pride like everyone else in the world. He just has very low IQ, that's all .

  • Patty Turpin

    Patty Turpin

     7 days ago

    Trump has no Mommy to run to, he is completely alone on this earth with no one who actually cares. And he knows it, it shows in his demeanor. Trump is a lost soul.

  • Bunny Bro

    Bunny Bro

     7 days ago

    It was an episode of The Office

    The OVAL office

  • Ron Connors

    Ron Connors

     7 days ago

    Still pushing Biden down our throats...

  • Betty M.

    Betty M.

     7 days ago

    He gets the right crooked employee by firing the good ones. Next he will find pollsters that lie.

  • Ameha K

    Ameha K

     7 days ago

    Spoiler alert, trump tried to get dirt about Biden and will be impeached soon.