We Need a Lot More Women to Run for Congress - Desi Lydic Womansplains | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 13, 2019
  • The number of women in Congress isn’t even close to being proportional to the population, so Desi Lydic looks at just a few of the reasons why.

    Watch Desi Lydic: Abroad Monday, May 13 on Comedy Central.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/JdlK75Zooqc


  • San Diego

    San Diego

     14 days ago +1

    that diving board face plant was epic. 😂

  • Thunder Bolt

    Thunder Bolt

     a months ago +2

    Instead of saying "when America was founded it was founded by all men's thts why women don't HAVE equal rights"
    you should say "when america was founded or formed it was formed by all men's that's why women don't DESERVE equal right"
    And you should be very very thankful for whatever un-earned rights given to you by men. Which includes legal part in property, and favour in family courts and men being guilty in court against alligetions by women until proven otherwise and vise versa for women.
    Women representation is less in society because they are lazy and stupid. It takes smartness and hard work to gain a position.
    You have more rights than men.
    Guess what, You can't stand equal rights. its not in your capacity.

  • Josh L

    Josh L

     2 months ago

    Please no

  • Jake Sampson

    Jake Sampson

     3 months ago

    If a man wore a spotted shirt to work he wouldn't be taken seriously. There's the reason why. You have the choice to wear all sorts of colours etc

  • TruthMakesPeace


     4 months ago

    Man are the natural leaders,
    And women want this deep down.
    Which is why so many women support Muslim immigration and dominance.

  • XG C

    XG C

     4 months ago

    I like her eyes, and she is funny.

  • AbdulHalim Slagor

    AbdulHalim Slagor

     4 months ago +1

    Fucking Woman Want to Control The World.

  • Voice IT

    Voice IT

     4 months ago

    there is only a very small % of women that are capable of strategic thinking. It's not biological but behavioral induced. the world first needs to stop treating girls like pretty dolls. Then they can grow up to become "normal" women. The socialist did it in a way, there was hardly any difference besides becoming a mother compared to men. 75% of women nowadays are miseducated and entitled bitches that don't have any place in politics/government or even CEO positions. There are exceptions of course but demanding 50% women now would bring on the fucking Apocalypse...

  • Jace Cavacini

    Jace Cavacini

     4 months ago +1

    Cue the repetition of every ignorant, pseudoscience sexist stereotype ever said about men & women to defend the notion that men should be allowed to keep hold of the status quo. All the triggered snowflake men who think they’re superior to women by some kind of biological determinism... We aren’t!!

    The mental differences in men and women are all cultural. There is NO biological difference in the brains of women and men. It is science. If you’re going to declare men are superior in some intellectual pursuit, you’re spewing pseudoscience.

    And while I’m ranting: The “choose the most qualified candidate” defense or argument against selecting women for authority positions is UTTERLY MISSING THE POINT, and it pisses me of SO MUCH to see such willful ignorance displayed by my fellow men so dog-damned often. The whole point is that women of equal or superior qualification aren’t being chosen. Observe the blinding incompetence being demonstrated by so many of the men currently in power (especially the old men in congress who demonstrate utter ignorance of human biology, sexuality, reproduction, etc)!!!!

  • Max Ramos

    Max Ramos

     4 months ago

    We moved from 49 to 79!? Ouch

  • Carter theProducer

    Carter theProducer

     4 months ago +2

    And when I'm with Thomas Jefferson I'm going to include women in the sequel

  • Roadrunner& Recovery

    Roadrunner& Recovery

     4 months ago

    so sexy !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bill Thompson

    Bill Thompson

     4 months ago

    Desi, you have redeemed yourself in my view. I hadn't thought through the parallel with Colbert's character on the Repor(t), to give sufficient credit to your acting as Daily Show correspondent, and recognize that was not your actual persona. A thousand pardons! While i'm not a CC subscriber this minute, i will seek out DLA to get the full effect. you go!

  • Stephen M

    Stephen M

     5 months ago

    Emily's List is pro corporate, not feminist

  • Brant Smith

    Brant Smith

     5 months ago

    Holy shit this logic, if your bitching about the 24% when you make half the population this comes back on you for voting the old white guys in the first place.

  • Hadrien Mayeux

    Hadrien Mayeux

     5 months ago +2

    What a sexist video. It is a shame in 2019 that people judge someone else only by his/her genital oragans and not by his/her skills.

  • Michelle S. Hawkins

    Michelle S. Hawkins

     5 months ago

    Granted white women the right to vote.

  • A M

    A M

     5 months ago +2

    I saw DESI and immediately clicked on it



     5 months ago +2

    Females are under represented in dangerous work like Combat,Fire fighting,construction,coal mines etc. why not fill this position? If Women take same risky jobs as men then they will autometically came in politics.

  • mark logo

    mark logo

     5 months ago +3

    I think we need more people with good polecies, not necessarily more females. I love AOC and Elizabeth Warren btw