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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 21, 2019
  • Democratic presidential candidate and New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio discusses creating equal educational opportunities for children and reforming the U.S.’s police system.

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  • Momad Faruque

    Momad Faruque

     6 days ago

    Trevor Noah should be South Africa's next president and please fix Xenophobia.

  • Simple Bean

    Simple Bean

     7 days ago

    Notice no one claps for anything. Terrible mayor, def not a president.

  • Lindelwa Cele

    Lindelwa Cele

     7 days ago +1

    Trevor is not here to play games. Yoh, this guy in the hot seat

  • Geo Mantilla

    Geo Mantilla

     7 days ago +1

    I fucking love you Trevor!!!! hahahahahahaha omg dude

  • armando rascon

    armando rascon

     7 days ago

    YANG 2020

  • Jan Christoffersen

    Jan Christoffersen

     7 days ago +1

    Bill de Blasio 2020
    Taller than Trump

  • Amirdaryoush Youhaei

    Amirdaryoush Youhaei

     7 days ago

    he will be president

  • Daniela Salazar

    Daniela Salazar

     14 days ago +1

    EVERYONE WELCOME EXCEPT FOR THE UNDOCUMENTED. STAND UP FOR YOUR WORKFORCE RAIDED BY ICE. AND PEOPLE TOO POOR FOR TRAIN FARE. CUT THE FARE EVASION CRAP. Focus on your city dude. Done some stuff— go ahead pat urself on the back but still so much left boy.

  • Jay Artspret

    Jay Artspret

     14 days ago

    Minimum wage should be based on buying power

    i.e. adjusted for inflation

  • Aseel ba3dani

    Aseel ba3dani

     14 days ago

    Vote for deblasio

  • Lillian Huebner

    Lillian Huebner

     14 days ago

    Actually pleasantly surprised!

  • Marie Cass

    Marie Cass

     14 days ago

    I like De Blasio. He's a younger Bernie without the name recognition. A real good, and effective leader.



     14 days ago

    In front of Trump this guy looks like a fuckin genius...Like a Jedi master...Hope American people are bright enough to give this guy a chance to show his potential atleast.

  • Nymul_YT


     21 days ago

    17:35 in case you missed it

  • Nymul_YT


     21 days ago

    I want a president who understands humor and has a good plan like bill blasio

  • The Fierce

    The Fierce

     21 days ago

    Remember how people used to say "Its 2015, why is this still an issue?!" Nobody says that anymore...

  • Ryan Tseng

    Ryan Tseng

     21 days ago

    What I like about this guy is that he directly says, “yeah I haven’t figured this out yet in New York but I’m confident we’ll figure it out” instead of trying to distract the audience or masking the issue.

  • Huan Sohn

    Huan Sohn

     21 days ago

    His Name is like de Blowio in german .

  • Prince of Egypt

    Prince of Egypt

     21 days ago

    The only way to get rid of crazy New Yorker is with a good New Yorker



     21 days ago

    1:45 you also have about 500k mega rats running around taking over the city!!
    🤣🤣... disgusting ass city