7 Style Trends That Make You Look TACKY! *don’t do it*

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 5, 2019
  • 7 Style Trends That Make You Look TACKY! *don’t do it* For links to everything shown in this video - click SHOW MORE!

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  • M M

    M M

     10 hours ago

    how did you manage to get that closet? Is is spare room turned into a closet. i need desperately need a large closet like yours help!!!

  • happymess


     11 hours ago

    😊pantyhose with open toes shoes looks dope!...

  • Morgimom Lady

    Morgimom Lady


    I mean to each their own. But I agree mostly with your list. But at the end of the day do what makes you happy.

  • Kathryn Wilcox

    Kathryn Wilcox


    Wear everything at once 😎

  • Basic White Bitch

    Basic White Bitch


    *5:20 "or ANYTHING more ... Normal" 😂

  • Chris Dal

    Chris Dal

     2 days ago

    Why is there a toooon of negative comments in here? I've worn (some time ago) some of the items she mentioned like the bum shorts, but I am not offended because well, it's the truth. They do really look tacky. And that's also the reason why I stopped wearing them recently (I guess I just got matured? Lol) But then not all people are gonna agree with her and yes it's not necessary to do so. But yeah if you feel offended then you know, simple solution: swipe back button, leave the page, and move on to another video. No need to really defend your tastes, honey. Just go do you. As long as you don't ruin the good vibes in her channel. People watch videos to be informed and entertained, then you scroll at the comment section and boom what a group of negative people spreading their negative vibes around.

  • yellow blue

    yellow blue

     3 days ago

    It's odd that you run a fashion YouTube and don't know what a bolero is

  • Meme Queen

    Meme Queen

     3 days ago

    This video screams BASIC&BORING

  • Genevieve Pieffer

    Genevieve Pieffer

     4 days ago

    For me all shorts do that and I don't like long shorts so I deal with it

  • Jess Dodge

    Jess Dodge

     4 days ago

    I like your tips and agree.

  • Hannah Seitz

    Hannah Seitz

     4 days ago

    All you getting offended don’t need to be. You can like whatever you want. BUT sometimes people wanna know what makes them stick out as looking less put together especially at work or in certain social situations. This video is useful for some people so chillllllllllll, go throw on your platforms that make your feet look like hooves, and life your life.

  • Paula Mtz

    Paula Mtz

     5 days ago

    I find her a bit obnoxious sns

  • Jolinda Yopp

    Jolinda Yopp

     5 days ago

    Not gonna lie I think pantyhose and open toe shoes can be kinda cute 😭 like how you wore them with black heels

  • Ana Laura González

    Ana Laura González

     6 days ago

    People take this with a grain of salt. You are here bc you want to look better. If you watch this vid and don’t agree, move on to the next or grab the ideas you do like. I personally like most of her points so I’ve been binge watching her lol but some vids I skip bc I don’t think it fits who I am. For example she said on one of her vids all girls need loafers... I think loafers don’t look good on me so I move on.

  • Power of Love

    Power of Love

     6 days ago

    First time watching you...ughhh you'r voice sooo annoying..I just waste it almost 4 min of my life

  • Laurie C

    Laurie C

     6 days ago

    I agree completely with you. If only more people would heed your advice!

  • Rakel J

    Rakel J

     7 days ago

    Bum shorts come off not classy

  • Patrice Dennis Brown

    Patrice Dennis Brown

     7 days ago

    Girl them lashes !!! I always wonder how did they leave the house with those,no one a mean not the Bf to say BABY Noooo!! You ain't leaving the house in them lashes!! But then again maybe it's the look they are going for who knows..

  • Deanna Yael

    Deanna Yael

     7 days ago

    Lol the glitter one, I’m a theatre kid who is also party princess who has an extremely glittery Elsa costume and I pretty much always have glitter on me

  • Renie Hinnenberg

    Renie Hinnenberg

     7 days ago

    shrugs are more about covering the arms then the cloths