5 BIGGEST GOLF COACHING MYTHS (Truth Revealed!) Golf Monthly

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 10, 2019
  • ► In this video, Neil Tappin and Alex Elliott talk through the 5 biggest coaching myths - they cover everything from keeping your head down to the direction of your divots. When we first pick up a golf club we are told certain basics that are handed down to us as 'truths' relating to the golf swing. All too often however, these are nuggets of advice that come from one amateur to another. Many of them can actually do more harm than good. In this video, Neil and Alex look to dispel some of the mystery around what you should and shouldn't be doing with your golf swing. How many of the 5 biggest coaching myths do you recognise? The advice that follows might even explain some of the faults in your own golf game!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/JwizgnqIMGA


  • fontking1a


     6 days ago

    A properly struck iron divot should point a bit left. You approach the ball from the inside while swinging on an arc as seen from a top view. Your ball is located where the arc is tangent to the target line. At impact you should strike the ball first and then your club path continues on the arc going back to inside the target line. Where the club head strikes the ground is just after the impact of the ball and that is where the change of direction of the club head takes place. That's the tangent point of the arc. If you hit the ground first, before the ball, your divot should point a bit to the right. Of course there are other factors that can be involved but if path and face position are neutral, and impact is correct....the divot points left of the target.

  • Trace Fisher

    Trace Fisher

     7 days ago

    Myth #6, "Cant get pregnant with girl on top".

  • Bruce Cooper

    Bruce Cooper

     7 days ago

    I guess that “keep your head down” is a hot talk right now, a lot of videos talking about it. When I was given some advice about keeping my head down, it was to make me watch the club hit the ball, not to stay in the position

  • Gary Davis

    Gary Davis

     14 days ago

    Good video Neil. The kid is a good coach. I enjoy his videos.

  • Andrew Richards

    Andrew Richards

     21 days ago

    I got told to keep my feet still and not to use my right hand! ... load of crap 💩

  • Chris Bates

    Chris Bates

     21 days ago

    That’s not a stinger, are you sure your a pro !!!

    Coming over the top and carving out to the left is not the way to hit this shot.

    Once you get the feel of the smothered delofted strike, you should be able to keep the ball under 10ft full length, if really good under head height.

  • JustJames


     21 days ago

    I've seen numerous videos by Alex and usually I'm impressed but less so this time unfortunately. One of the biggest reasons am's misunderstand pro's is because the demo given by the pro' e.g the exaggerated OTT swing is nothing like what most am's do, so when the pro' demonstrates this exaggerated move and tells the am' that this is what they're doing and the amateur sees themselves on video, they think 'well I'm nothing like that, so it must be something else'. If you look at most pro's at impact including Sorenstam they are looking directly at the ball, and even Stenson is only looking 2-3 ft in front of the ball at impact, but he's not lifted his head or come out of posture. As regards slowing your swing down, Peter Finch at Trafford GC suggested that the easiest way to play better in a round was to swing at 1/2 speed, and I've given this advice to numerous playing partners and seen an almost instant improvement in tempo, timing and ball-striking. Pete Cowan recommended Brandt Snedeker's 'pop putting' technique for consistency yet this is quite difficult on any but the fastest greens. So it just shows that even at the top, coaching advice varies, just like swings that 'shouldn't really work, but somehow do work' e.g Bruce Lietzke, Eamon Darcy, Jim Furyk, Lee Tresino, etc

  • nazir hoosen

    nazir hoosen

     21 days ago

    For most amateurs , when you are playing badly on the course , keep the hands quiet and swing slower - u will be pleasantly surprised at the quality of the strike .

  • JohnD


     21 days ago

    The local pga professional don't know SHIT!>>> that why he sells shirts and makes tee times!!

  • D Carlson

    D Carlson

     21 days ago

    Some good information in this video. But, with regards to the continued use of “that begs the question ...” sorry to say, but you’re using it wrong. Begs the question, or in Latin petitio principii, means 'laying claim to a principle', i.e. assume the truth of something that ought to be proved first. It does NOT mean that a question arises as you’re using it here. It’s one of those phrases that people use to try to sound intelligent, but (if the listener knows the actual meaning) actually makes the speaker sound ignorant.

  • Straycat Annie

    Straycat Annie

     21 days ago +1

    Very nice stinger dude!!!

  • Chris Hartney

    Chris Hartney

     21 days ago +1

    Great video, giving some very good adviice. I didn't understand what Alex was talking about, having 3 chances or 1 chance with the putts. I think he needs to find another way of expressing his point.

  • Long Golf

    Long Golf

     21 days ago +1

    My putter stays naturally in a vertical plane, because the putter-arms total mass is hanging directly under the shoulders.

  • Fraz C

    Fraz C

     21 days ago

    Usual garbage about not keeping your head still through impact debunked by their own use of John Rahm driver slow mo later in video. John Rahm's head is still looking at the area his ball was tee'd up in when his club reaches hip height through the ball. Yes let your head naturally come up but with the momentum of the swing after you've hit through the ball but keep your eyes on the ball up until after you've hit it

  • Mange Larsson

    Mange Larsson

     21 days ago

    Thought it was more that keep the eyes on the ball that could be contra productive. Saying that someone swings too fast, is not a coaching mistake, thats what amateurs say.

  • Sp!cyman


     21 days ago

    Er, some of my divots tend to point left. I also had a dose of the shanks this year and reduced my swing speed to try and fix it. Big mistake! Threw my timing out and I haven’t been the same golfer since.

  • Alain Simon

    Alain Simon

     21 days ago +1

    Hello you speak to speed ..i.m french.. sorry...i.ts difficult for us..🤣.good video...



     21 days ago


  • Gee Splett

    Gee Splett

     21 days ago

    especially the first putting tip was new for me and extremely helpul i think, Thank you

  • Ed Ounjian

    Ed Ounjian

     21 days ago

    Thank you, enjoyed...very clear. The lack of rotation with head down was an eye opener