This illegal golf ball ONLY FLIES STRAIGHT!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 3, 2019
  • This illegal golf ball ONLY FLIES STRAIGHT!


    In this video Rick Shiels PGA golf professional puts the 'Ultimate Straight' golf ball to the test!
    Will this golf ball cure your slice or stop you hooking it? Can this illegal golf ball help you to hit more fairways and hit more greens? Is it possible that this golf ball can lower your scores?
    Rick heads out onto the Marriott Worsley golf course in Manchester and plays golf with the golf ball. He also tries to get a hole in one with the golf ball and even gives the golf ball to some average golfers. Will they hit the golf ball straight or will the shank it into the trees?
    Tiger Woods plays the Bridgestone golf ball, Rory McIlroy plays the TaylorMade Golf TP5, Phil Mickelson plays the Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Golf Ball and loads of professional golfers on the European Tour and PGA Tour play the Titleist Golf Pro V1 and the Pro V1x. Would they play this golf ball if it was conforming?
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  • Rick Shiels Golf

    Rick Shiels Golf

     5 months ago +269

    Who do you think makes the best golf balls?

  • Jay Dillon

    Jay Dillon


    Why would a ball that only flies straight, be "illegal"? What business is it of the rules, if your ball is better than most. I don't see the point of playing with crappy balls.

  • TeddyCavachon



    Most golf holes are designed to reward golfers with the ability to shape shots via the location of hazards and the angle of the green relative to the fairway.



     2 days ago

    As great as this ball is and illegal, it can teach us something. What I mean is if you hit and your ball go straight right or left, it mean you have to work on the aiming. So this ball after all have the advantage of telling a good slicer like me where I am aiming.

  • Deivid Crush

    Deivid Crush

     4 days ago

    Dude, i don't even like golf

  • vase


     6 days ago

    That ball cutter came straight out of a CIA blacksite "tool kit" 😅

  • Midnights Voice

    Midnights Voice

     7 days ago

    I believe its something called aerodynamics. The less the dimples the less wind resistance. The more dense the dimples the more it drags. Like having a ribbon either side of centre

  • Kyle Pirko

    Kyle Pirko

     7 days ago

    7:07 I really hope you replaced your divot. That's day one golfer etiquette.

  • Jed Honrado

    Jed Honrado

     7 days ago

    Hold my beer.

  • 3d


     7 days ago

    it doesn't count if you play golf u needed to get some that never played to prove that it works or not duh

  • Jorge HARTUNG

    Jorge HARTUNG

     14 days ago

    Excellent video!, its very interesting someone proving all the weird stuff golf provide!

  • mercster


     14 days ago +1

    I wanted to see you hit the Straight Balls with the direction arrow at 90 degrees off (in other words, the arrow pointing to right or left).

  • Mother Trucker

    Mother Trucker

     14 days ago

    Just hit the ball already.. God... I listened to all that.

  • Brian Troy

    Brian Troy

     14 days ago

    What’s load of rubbish

  • Chase Watkins

    Chase Watkins

     14 days ago

    I think if you're a recreational player its fine. Not competition legal, don't use em in competition.

  • Exotic Creature

    Exotic Creature

     14 days ago

    This is the FGM 148 Javelin missile of golf balls. As long as it's lined up per manufacturers recommendations you couldn't screw it up if you wanted to.

  • Chris


     14 days ago

    That could of helped before I got fed up with muscle memory that gave me the worst slice you have ever seen. It caused me to give up golfing after playing 9-18 holes 5 days a week.

  • redeyefarrah


     14 days ago

    Just lob everything on the floor 😒

  • Samuli Rintakomsi

    Samuli Rintakomsi

     14 days ago +1

    I bet ricardo can make it go gay

  • the zimra

    the zimra

     14 days ago

    wow golf must be the worst sport possible to watch?....why not make the ball FUCKING PINK ATLEAST?!?!?!?! christ.... this some silly shit... unwatchable ...