Can 2 Strangers Fall in Love with 36 Questions? Joseph + Briar

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 9, 2018
  • We decided to see what would happen if we brought 2 complete strangers together (Joseph & Briar) to answer 36 questions designed to lead to love while on a blind date. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉 👈

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  • Celia Saiz

    Celia Saiz

     4 hours ago

    He is so fricking handsome, his smile is so beautiful I can't believe it

  • Mike Discombe

    Mike Discombe

     3 days ago

    like like like like like is his fav word

  • parvathy pradeep

    parvathy pradeep

     5 days ago

    No offense but I'd never look his way again if it was me!🤨

  • abby G

    abby G

     6 days ago +1

    Favorite memory “My EX gIrLfRienD...” nah

  • ihearu100


     7 days ago

    what movie did he mention at 1:32

  • Amerikhana F.

    Amerikhana F.

     7 days ago

    Where can i find the 36 questions list? Thanks. 😍

  • Laila V

    Laila V

     7 days ago +1

    They kinda remind me of Joe and Beck in Netflix's "You"

  • Samarth Misra

    Samarth Misra

     7 days ago

    Can we get a print out of the questions?

  • Paul Davids

    Paul Davids

     7 days ago

    What about doing 36 questions with two older people 40-50-60's who have real life history behind them ....

  • Kusko


     7 days ago

    what are the 36 questions?

  • dubi2112 - kanal

    dubi2112 - kanal

     14 days ago

    I love her hair

  • Lena Engel

    Lena Engel

     14 days ago +1

    Answer to the question: yes you can if the both of you are models and don't have a completely shitty character lmao

  • K Dubbs

    K Dubbs

     14 days ago

    Itd be cool if they cud do this 36 question thing but blind folded. U wud make judgement on their voice, maybe they wud be able to touch each others faces or hold hands.. listen to their answers and decide at the end for a 2nd date. If both agree, 2nd date still blind folded and towards the end take off the blind folds and make a decision whether to move forward..or stop the experiment

  • All American

    All American

     14 days ago

    I thought she was very open and caring and cute. I would've definitely gone on here with her!

  • G P

    G P

     14 days ago

    It doesn't work. Tested.

  • Marc


     14 days ago

    couple things i noticed, even though *he turned *her down.

    - soon as she walked in, he broke eye contact & looked down... submissive
    - he gave her a bro-shake (handshake) ... lacks social intelligence
    - he seems awfully intent on finding someone who shares *his passions... unnecessary

    & this was just from watching the first two mins. Basically this guy is DREAMING if he thinks he's gonna find a [pretty] girl who actually likes those 3 things above he did. You just dont break EC & look down when you meet a girl. or shake her hand like some college bro, or be that narcissistic like she HAS to share your passions for film. Id like for him to share her passions to be a Vet.



     21 days ago +1

    OMG ..I have fallen for the guy 😅😅😅

  • johny lamb

    johny lamb

     21 days ago

    I would go on a second date with her, she is sweet.

  • Chris Havok

    Chris Havok

     21 days ago

    Why does he keep covering his mouth? It really gives off a vibe that he’s uncomfortable and insecure. She was feeling him! Be confident!

  • Joanne Sgrignoli

    Joanne Sgrignoli

     21 days ago

    I love this!

    The biggest problem in dating is that people don't take the time to get to know each other. A romantic spark after meeting someone for the first time shouldn't be an expectation.

    The reason people "fall in love" after answering these questions is that they've both shared some depth of who they are. This causes a connection. I think if the expectation is that they fall in love it denigrates the experience.

    We need to redefine how we meet others and communicate who we are to each other. The tea setting is beautiful. There are boundaries: sitting across from each other at a small table, and the presence of the people filming and providing structure.

    Dating is a free for all and it seems the goal is sex. If you do that it's like going from step 1 to 20, and there's no going back. Intimacy changes the dynamic of a relationship. We need to take the time to go through each step, getting to know each other, learning if we're on the same page with what matters most, or non-negotiables, such as faith, morals and values.

    Guidance through a series of dates would be helpful and change the whole dynamic. This has been on my mind for a long time, so I've put a lot of thought into it. My goal is to write a book.