How Donald Trump Won the 2016 Election - (TIMELINE)

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 29, 2017
  • This was a project for Honors English 9. I wanted to analyze the 2016 Presidential Election and why Donald Trump won. The video that does that is still being worked on. This documentary offers a recap for the 2016 election, and how it happened.
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  • Learn Something

    Learn Something

     a years ago +171

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    Do Video Games Cause Violence?

  • Tony Todd

    Tony Todd

     12 minutes ago

    Countries of law and trump do not believe in or follow any Law's

  • Tony Todd

    Tony Todd

     18 minutes ago

    To many lies why a person hide there on vice's and presidents want us americans to trust them .

  • Abu Daoud

    Abu Daoud

     an hour ago

    Wonderful news!

  • JBNZ


     6 hours ago

    this video came out may 2017? i wonder if it would be different if made now.

  • #Austin #Austin

    #Austin #Austin

     7 hours ago


  • parthiban parthi

    parthiban parthi

     8 hours ago

    Hillary most fucking and irritating face....when she laugh her face like fucking devil....

  • Rodrigo Ele

    Rodrigo Ele

     9 hours ago

    32:03 - 33:00 Goddamn, Trump really went to town on Jeb Bush with that rant. Completely obliterated him. You could tell he was GENUINELY pissed, and it was beautiful to watch.

  • 7upac


     10 hours ago

    2:41 november 39th huh??

  • KanakaMaoli825


     20 hours ago

    Trump 2020

  • Jiff Pop

    Jiff Pop

     21 hours ago

    Wait wot my small city hosted a presidential debate and I didn't even know?! I really do live under a rock

  • Chasgall2000


     22 hours ago

    I forgot that Ted Cruz was a serious name for the Republicans. Bernie Sanders is Eugene V. Debs.

  • Mattathias Macabees

    Mattathias Macabees

     23 hours ago

    The beginning of God's judgment on Babylon the GREAT/ Egypt they build the wall to keep us from fleeing into Mexico when the troubles begin.

  • EnergeticWaves



    I wish that cruz would just go away

  • EnergeticWaves



    this year vote Indian, vote liz warren.

  • EnergeticWaves



    a democrat told me trump got a billion dollars from Russia and is a liar. I told the democrat you are gullible as hell.

  • Jack Straw

    Jack Straw


    ..... and what we know now about the DNC, Fusion GPS, Steele, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, Strozk, Page, B&N Orr, Comey, Clinton and Obama! The progressive globalist agenda and welfare state is why Trump won.

  • kate mcguire

    kate mcguire


    White liberals are losing it 😂

  • siddhesh jog

    siddhesh jog


    Whoever trained Trump for the debates, knew what they were doing.

    Him getting pissed off and her standing there all cool, made it look like he was a non politician and she was an establishment person.

    It was perfect for those who were kinda unsure.

  • Bomfio


     yesterday +2

    In 2019 I heard for about 4 or 5 big topics in politics that the evil russian hackers did something. After I myself got accused by the gov to be a bot or a russian hacker my eyes got opend and I will not belive a single thing left gov says about russia.