How To Use The LoopCloud Plugin! (Loopmasters)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 1, 2020
  • Hey Ya'll!

    In this video, I want to show you how to use the LoopCloud Plugin, by Loopmasters!

    Are you interested in trying out samples or loops, but don't know how to use them? 😩

    I’ve gotten SO many questions from you all about loops and samples. Will you get sued, is it legal, and what does “royalty-free” even mean anyway?? 🤔 🤔

    Well if you want the simplest solution, all you have to do to avoid any problems with your loops and samples is CHANGE THEM! 🙌 Make them different, unique, and distinguishable from the original somehow, and customize them to fit your project!

    I’m showing you this KILLER plugin that lets you browse and download loops and samples, and it even has a built-in platform for changing, chopping, and tweaking your samples BEFORE you buy them! You can bring them into your projects completely ready to go! 😍

    This plugin is called LoopCloud, and it’s so cool, and easy to use! I have so much fun making tracks, because there’s always amazing sounds to choose and play around with in nearly infinite ways!

    So check out today’s tutorial as I show you around LoopCloud, and how easy it can be to change your samples around! 😁

    Want to get LoopCloud for yourself with their Black Friday deal?? Get it here!

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    My GO-TO plugins for vocals:

    ● Antares Auto-Tune 8 -
    ● Celemony - Melodyne -
    ● Eiosis - De Esser -
    ● Eiosis - EQ -
    ● Steven Slate Digital Bundle -
    ● CLA Vocals -
    ● Soundtoys Bundle -
    ● Valhalla - Vintage Verb -

    Plugins I use for production/vocals:

    ● Izotope - Vocal Synth -
    ● Izotope - Nectar 3 -
    ● Waves Bundle -
    ● JJP Vocals -
    ● Output Bundle -
    ● EZ Mix -
    ● EZ Drummer -
    ● Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.6 -
    ● Spectrasonics Trilian Bass -
    ● Komplete 13 Ultimate Software Product Suite -
    ● Arcade -

    Hardware I use:

    ● Steven Slate Virtual Mic System-ML1 -
    ● SHURE SM7B -
    ● Apogee Duet -
    ● Native Instrument Komplete Kontrol S61 Midi controller -
    ● Alpha Focal Monitors -
    ● Awesome Rolling Mic Stand -
    ● Rode Desk Boom Stand -
    ● Closed-back Studio Monitor Headphones -
    ● LG Ultrawide Curved Screen -
    ● Studio Condenser Mic Anti-Vibration Mic Holder -
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