Top 10 Amphibious Vehicles and Off-Road Machines You Can Actually Buy

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 5, 2019
  • How cool will it be to have a vehicle that can seamlessly drive from the paved road into a lake, cross a river or cruise along the coastline like a motorboat? Turns out such amphibians are not only in possession of special agents; they could actually be bought! Today we will be reviewing hybrid amphibious transport that is fun, practical in use and simply awesome!

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    Amphicruiser by Dutch Amfibious Transport is a unique amphibious vehicle that was designed perform equally good in any environment, be it the highway, off-road terrain, or even water. It is offered with 2 diesel, 1 petrol and 1 electric powertrains, a partial 4WD system, and a 100 hp Almarin.Jet for water propulsion.

    Argo AURORA XTV:

    Argo AURORA XTV is an 8x8 amphibious vehicle series that includes 5 models and was fully redesigned in late 2018. Depending on the modification, the new Aurora comes with a 30 or 40 hp V-Twin engine and Admiral high-torque transmission.

    Tinger Track:

    The Tinger Track is a multi-purpose all-terrain vehicle that is ready to operate as a snow mobile, a tractor, a quad bike, a swamp buggy or even an amphibious vessel. It is available in three models, S380, C500, S500, that differ in size, weight and ground pressure and can function in extreme weather conditions.

    Mini Moke Amphibious Lazareth:

    Ludovic Lazareth is the mastermind behind this French automotive company that specializes in designing and manufacturing of custom vehicles: from beastly looking motorcycles to amphibious retro cars the likes of the Mini Moke.


    This is the world’s first amphibious vehicle that combines the features of a motorcycle and a personal watercraft. Unlike many of its counterparts, the Biski is a true speedster regardless of the area of operation.

    Gibbs Amphibians Quadski and Quadski XL:

    The original Quadski was released back in 2012 as a 1-seater ATV / watercraft hybrid, that took the community of adventurers by storm. Its follow up is a 2-seater XL that lets you have fun with a partner.

    Watercar Panther:

    Watercar Panther is the fastest and the most fun to drive water vehicle in world that develops a maximum speed of 65 mph on land and 45 mph on water.


    Hydratrek is a Tennessee-based manufacturer of multi-purpose amphibious vehicles that currently offers 8 vehicle and 2 trailer models under two brands, the Hydratrek and the Land Tamer.

    Gibbs Phibian:

    This is one of the largest commercial high speed amphibians on today’s market that by the land’s criteria is considered a truck or a bus, and a rather large boat by the sea standards. The Phibian is powered by two turbo diesel V8s.

    Iguana Yachts:

    Iguana 31 Expedition is an all-terrain capable luxury amphibious vessel from the French manufacturer, Iguana Yachts. It comes is equipped to conquer 4-foot waves and travel on sandy or rocky beach terrain.
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