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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 26, 2019
  • Hi Beautiful! Today we dive into the world of henna hair coloring. It's definitely a veryyyy interesting way to color your hair.






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  • Do You Know My Peach?

    Do You Know My Peach?

     2 hours ago

    That looks like a buritto skin shirt. Where do i get that?

  • Paulina Contreras

    Paulina Contreras

     6 hours ago

    0:17 that person really put the makeup brush in his mouth..

  • Red


     7 hours ago

    It seems like none of these videos were done properly except the lady who was covering her roots. You need it to be very acidic if you want a pronounced difference for the final color and texture of the hair. Coffee or tea will only make a slight change in the color and very little shine and glossiness, I use straight lemon juice and that makes great results on my hair. Henna is not just a dye being added to the hair shaft, it completely changes the chemical makeup of the hair making it stronger and if it's done properly it can have really amazing results. On african hair it can even relax the curl and reshape it, which makes it really good if you are making twists or something similar with those hair types (lots of north africans have traditions using it to make all kinds of hairstyles with different recipes. You would basically have a spa day to braid and treat the hair for the whole day with the henna in.) But on all types of hair it makes it thicker and stronger and incredibly shiney. The color is a result of a chemical reaction with the proteins in your OWN hair color. Meaning that the depth of the color is related to the way your hair proteins react with the henna molecules, and the same mix can make different colors on different hair. I have brown hair and it makes a really autumny auburn color if I do it once and a more deep natural irish red if I do it a second time. But my friend who is naturally blond turns like blood red on the first treatment. Also very important to note, this is VERY permanent. Like it will pretty much stay that color until you grow it out, which might be great for you but if you have second thoughts you are in for a ride because bleach will not be able to get it out AT ALL. I bleached my hair 3 times and it was still highlighter orange. Also VERY IMPORTANT, you must check that this is henna that can be used on your skin because many metallic dyes made very cheaply will call themselves henna but they are completely different and they put horrible adulterants in there which will react with regular hair dyes and bleach. This can literally melt your hair off or make it look and feel like a rusted penny. If you get henna sold as safe for your skin and you check that the ingredients are 100% henna you are probably safe, but many "henna hair dye" products are lying about the ingredients. There are also other plants like indigo and cassia that make other colors with a similar mechanism so those are ok for ingredients but they make a different color than just red. It can be somewhat complicated to get the color and consistency you want on your own hair considering people have been making different recipes and treatments with it for thousands of years in all sorts of different cultures.. So it's understandable why hair salons don't like it and get anxiety when you tell them you have used henna, but it's really amazing and you can't really experience the full effect unless you see it and feel it in person. On my hair it looks like glass its so shiny and smooth.. but again not for everyone. I have heard that it can make some hair feel really dry but mine is always soft and silky so you have to do some patch tests and know you really want this color FOREVER (at least until you grow it out) before you commit.

  • Lil.t savage

    Lil.t savage

     8 hours ago

    I use henna to dye my really black hair and it turns redish brown and I love it henna has lots of benefits on natural hair (4c) it increase moisture retention, decreases breakage, strengthens hair and makes curls pop. That's why I do it if I add dye it will dry out my already dry hair so yeah... ✊🏿💯😊

  • Baroness Danyielle Bowman

    Baroness Danyielle Bowman

     9 hours ago

    Okay I love your hair and I dye my hair with henna black, but it's a cultural thing, I have noticed. Alot of my African friends use it.

  • Iulia


     9 hours ago

    I used henna for years, I use on my natural dark red hair to kinda lighten it up.
    I have used hair dyes on my hair though, my hair is preety delicate and I have strokes of Grey hair here and there so it wasn't really working for me, so my hairstylist introduced henna to me and I never went back

  • izz Hipp

    izz Hipp

     10 hours ago

    I've had so many people come to me after using the craziest/cheapest over the counter products or bleach from a beauty store that left them orange.....with majorly damaged hair. I know everyone isn't rich and cannot afford some crazy expressive cosmotologists but chemical processes .... You really need professionals to do them. It will cost you your hair plus a lot of money to fix a cheap mess !!! Just save and find a reasonably priced good professional. Ask around.....ask someone you see out who they use if you like their hair. Our customers are our walking billboards. Ask them who does their hair and give us a call !!!!! Not all really good cosmologists cost a fortune.

  • Tommy V

    Tommy V

     11 hours ago +2

    So glad I’m not the only one who noticed she had some tig o bittys. Also gay. Also very distracted lol

  • kamya suwan

    kamya suwan

     11 hours ago

    Well idk much but its pretty common for women here in india to use henna. Cause well, it strengthens your hair, it gives your hair a shiny look(mostly), its totally 100% natural and well it works as a great hair mask as well. You can add various things to the mixture depending on what you feel suits your hair the best. Adding coffee give your hair a warmer tone, adding curd/yogurt helps you get rid of dandruff and strengthens your hair, well there are many things that you can add.

  • Jen Of All Trades

    Jen Of All Trades

     12 hours ago

    I clicked for the boobs in the thumbnail. Lol

  • Bridgetissortofweird


     12 hours ago

    Can I just say I use henna on my hair a lot and I don't do 90 percent of the things she does in the video and get the same result

  • ok then

    ok then

     12 hours ago

    Like everyone in my area colour there hair with henna were all from different places btw

  • Christine Loader

    Christine Loader

     13 hours ago

    question for brad or anyone who knows. can you dye grey hair blonde?

  • Anastasia Favaron

    Anastasia Favaron

     14 hours ago

    leaving it overnight (or even for two hours) is completely useless. also adding acidic stuff, not necessary (coffee is very irritating on your skin, wtf girl).
    SLEEP WITH IT ON YOUR HEAD? NEVER! it's just going to dry your hair to the max.
    plus to henna colour: completely natural, does not damage hair. at all. nourishes it, too!
    so my advice is: try it, I've been doing it for ten years now, and I love it. but do it right, please 😂



     15 hours ago

    that bad rep is only in western countries in other places this is our go to.



     15 hours ago

    bitchhhhhhh gt ur facts straight. henna comes in all colors case the god damm plant is that versatile. U get natural indigo color to.

  • Liha M.

    Liha M.

     16 hours ago

    In my culture, older people color their grey hairs with henna and it looks like they got highlights and its actually so pretty. We just mix it with water though

  • Lynx Love

    Lynx Love

     20 hours ago

    Henna is awesome ❤ So much shine and life 😍

  • Bel Rita

    Bel Rita

     20 hours ago

    0:17 😂🤣🤣💔

  • Anna Z.

    Anna Z.

     21 hours ago

    My grandma is 84 years old and she's been using henna for about 30 years. It's quite easy, and up until she's turned 80, she was doing it completely by herself. These days I color her hair by using store-bought henna mixes (henna+oils&acids). Her hair is copper red and absolutely beautiful! It's so shiny, soft, very natural-looking and makes her look at least 15 years younger. One package costs about 2$ and I color her only every 2 or 3 months (mostly to cover grey roots). Honestly I am jealous of her hair, because for me this color would require salon coloring and lots and lots of maintenance. So I'll wait until my hair are grey ;)