Mob VS Tatsumaki (Mob Psycho 100 VS One Punch Man) | DEATH BATTLE

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 6, 2019
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    Mob VS Tatsumaki's Bloopers!

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     5 days ago +57

    Check out the Bloopers of this episode here!

  • cheb sadarom

    cheb sadarom

     23 minutes ago

    yeah i hate this channel in the world il'l give this 0.100 out of 100

  • Jared Dannels

    Jared Dannels

     39 minutes ago

    People's reactions to the results...
    16:31 ? 16:44 ?!

  • Tacotonic 5000

    Tacotonic 5000

     an hour ago

    Mob got distracted... he is in middle school after all 😉 (this has been The Taco Talk with your host Tacotonic, thank you and good night)

  • Frost E Bear

    Frost E Bear

     an hour ago

    "To move clouds you need a hydrogen bomb!"
    [remembers a pastel horse that was in Death Battle long time ago]
    ... Let's just casually forget about that.

  • Glenn Stork

    Glenn Stork

     an hour ago

    1:19 Oh my lord, Boomstick and Wiz have little poses for "weapons, armor and skills"!

  • Platinum Act 4

    Platinum Act 4

     an hour ago

    The author himself said that tatsumaki was stronger than 100% mob but he never gave an answer for ???% mob so..

  • Goblin Slayer

    Goblin Slayer

     an hour ago +1

    Why is she fighting her own son?

  • Patrick Andrei Catbagan

    Patrick Andrei Catbagan

     an hour ago +1

    Ok.....Deadpool rlly needs to get the heck out outta Death Battle NOW!

  • Gojiman 2002

    Gojiman 2002

     an hour ago

    Big Head Vs Deadpool...


    I was the only one that wanted The Mask in this battle.

  • Treil Blaze

    Treil Blaze

     2 hours ago +1

    If we took morals and values out of it Mob would kill her

  • blazE BLuE

    blazE BLuE

     2 hours ago +1

    I still think mob should of won

  • Tiffany Sparks

    Tiffany Sparks

     2 hours ago

    I wanna see more persona characters lets also raise some likes

  • Tiffany Sparks

    Tiffany Sparks

     2 hours ago

    I wanna see a fight between Black cat from spider man and catwoman. let's raise some likes

  • Justin Woodyard

    Justin Woodyard

     2 hours ago +1

    Lol what a joke. Mob definitely beats her... he's basically one punch man but a psychic instead

  • Dan Nash

    Dan Nash

     3 hours ago

    Total garbage

  • I am Groot

    I am Groot

     3 hours ago +2

    One has literally established that Mob is the most powerful psychic character in all of his manga series due to the fact that he can absorb energy at any time in a fight. Tornado would have put up a good fight but in all honesty Mob would've just vaporized the meteor in a snap, the guy deflected black holes with the back of his hand don't @ me mfers. Tbh I was planning on subbing but stuff that's isn't accurate doesn't really deserve to be rewarded. Maybe try reading just a single arc of the manga to at least try to understand the video you're making, I'm just genuinely humored by the effort put into making this and having the far weaker and inferior esper come out on top after getting TWISTED TO DEATH. In the one punch canon, psychic characters took just as long to heal and recover as humans so the ending just left a bad and ignorant taste in my mouth by the end of the video and I had to dislike out of respect for the shows. A more believable win would be Saitama against Mob. If Saitama beat Tornado then it shouldn't be even a question for Mob to beat her. Now Mob against Saitama? That's a fight I don't already know the outcome of that I'd like to see, just maybe gauge mobs raw unfiltered willingness to kill in that ??? mode. He could probably split the sun if he chose, a death by a space pebble is not at all accurate when he can affect the solar system.

  • JollyCynical :l

    JollyCynical :l

     3 hours ago

    mob is basically yugi and yami

  • Landon Weaver

    Landon Weaver

     4 hours ago

    Hey put Vegeta and Goku in the next episode

  • Manuel Sarmiento

    Manuel Sarmiento

     4 hours ago

    Can you do BROLY and ESCANOR ?