Rep. John Delaney discusses his 2020 candidacy ahead of World Famous Fish Fry

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 21, 2019
  • Former Maryland Rep. John Delaney spoke with CBSN at Jim Clyburn's World Famous Fish Fry about his 2020 candidacy. Delaney was the first Democrat to announce and believes getting a head start gives him a major advantage. He hopes to tell South Carolina voters about his realistic platform.
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  • Kaa Pii

     28 days ago

    His smile looks like an 8 yr old smiling for his yearbook

  • Shamdy Crook

     28 days ago

    Howdy Doody for sure. Duuueerrr

  • Micha EL

     28 days ago

    Who ? Never heard of him !

  • John Doe

     28 days ago

    Lol who tf?

  • revisionfour

     27 days ago

    I didn't even know this guy was running.

  • Cehioprst

     28 days ago

    300 democrats vs 1 republican. How do you even partially estimate this to a proportionately substantial outcome.

  • paulbsmokin

     26 days ago

    Wow! You triggered these snowflakes. Be careful though; they may rat you out to utube.

  • Nancy Chasteen

     27 days ago

    @Rob Genson There are actually 2 Republickers trying to get the party to let them debate Trump.

  • Kindle Fire

     28 days ago

    0:08 who😂😂

  • K

     27 days ago

    I'm just wondering, so instead of the 2016 Election like it was divided between Hilary and Bernie, you want to add even more candidates to the mix?

  • Leon Ordorica

     23 days ago

    I like this guy in front of Warren, Booker ,etc

  • Liberals spread AIDS

     28 days ago

    John Delaney? Never heard of her.

  • John Kelly

     28 days ago


  • John Bush

     27 days ago

    Is he going to get rid of cows also.

  • The Scapegoat Mechanism

     23 days ago

    John Bush 🐄💨