6 Riddles You Have to Solve to Stay Alive

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 8, 2018
  • Try to solve these 6 quick riddles to see whether you would stay alive in some dangerous situations.

    Unfortunately, only a few of us know exactly what to do in life-threatening situations. And that's a bummer because knowing how to react if your parachute doesn’t open or a big ferocious dog is about to attack you may save your life one day.
    That's why we’ve decided to check your instincts and survival skills by putting together a short test to see whether you would stay alive in some dangerous situations. Let's just hope you'll never face them in real life!

    How to survive a bear attack 0:46
    How to survive a tornado 2:39
    How to survive a dog attack 4:07
    How to survive a shark attack 5:42
    How to survive a fall from a height without a parachute 7:45
    How to survive in the desert 9:20
    How to survive a wild tribe 11:35

    #1. There's a big brown bear just ahead of you. What do you do?
    #2. You're outside during a tornado, and there’s no shelter in sight. What’s your course of action?
    #3. Remember that big ferocious dog I mentioned earlier? Well, it’s standing right in front of you, eyes locked on yours. What would you do?
    #4. You’re swimming in the sea and suddenly realize that there's a shark coming right at you. What’s the plan?
    #5. What should you do if you’re skydiving from a plane, you’re falling to the ground, you pull your parachute (ripcord), and it doesn’t open?
    #6. You’re stranded in the desert. What’s it gonna be?
    Bonus question: A wild tribe of some sort is about to kill you. The leader lets you say your final words. If you tell the truth, they’ll burn you at the stake. If you lie, they’ll shoot you. How can you outsmart the tribe and survive?

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     a years ago +75

    Wow! Most mysterious detective riddles are here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fIaUK1fQwA&t=16s

  • Maniat MG

    Maniat MG

     an hour ago

    6/6 but I didn't get right the bonus

  • Adel Balkissoon

    Adel Balkissoon

     7 hours ago +1

    I got 6/8

  • Dwight Gayle

    Dwight Gayle


    I got 4 questions right not including bonus

  • Koopa Troopa

    Koopa Troopa


    what the dorsel fin!?!

  • Niekto



    7:00 did you think about how fast can you punch something under water. You just can't do a move like that with your arm underwater.

  • Noah Stevens Hart

    Noah Stevens Hart

     2 days ago


  • Julius Sonny

    Julius Sonny

     3 days ago

    Why is the willd tribe dark skinned people with Angry faces and spears. What u tryna say huh???!!!

  • Leanna Goldsworthy

    Leanna Goldsworthy

     3 days ago

    I got all six correct

  • siang yu

    siang yu

     5 days ago


  • Swati Vatsa

    Swati Vatsa

     5 days ago

    I got 7 right

  • Michael ThibodeauX

    Michael ThibodeauX

     6 days ago

    On #6. You said walk at night. What are you supposed to do during the day.

  • Rajkumar Bhagat

    Rajkumar Bhagat

     6 days ago

    4 including the BONUS QUESTION

  • Naomi Ewan

    Naomi Ewan

     6 days ago

    6 right

  • jonathan miguel teran flores

    jonathan miguel teran flores

     6 days ago +1

    i got every thing right like the last one

  • Mason Weimer

    Mason Weimer

     7 days ago +1

    I got six right also like this

  • Shirisha Badugu

    Shirisha Badugu

     7 days ago

    i am a surviver .all the answers are correct

  • Sakuragi Hanamichi

    Sakuragi Hanamichi

     7 days ago


  • Sakuragi Hanamichi

    Sakuragi Hanamichi

     7 days ago

    I got 6 correct

  • Ginal Diengdoh

    Ginal Diengdoh

     7 days ago

    Yeah I get it all right