GRWM: What The Hell Happened | Sarah Rae Vargas

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 11, 2019
  • I didn't list the products, I'm a terrible person. If you have questions, just ask and I'll tell you what I used. But I'm a little overwhelmed over here right now and I just r e a l l y wanted to get a video up. Sometimes I think I could use an intern/assistant. If you think you'd be good at that.. holla at your girl.

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  • FabLadyBug


     1 months ago

    I absolutely love watching your videos. You are so damn funny and real. Chewing the oysters!!! 🤣🤣🤣 I died. Had to keep the laughing down as my man was sleeping next to me. Thank you for being joy to my YouTube.

  • Vanessa Nelson

    Vanessa Nelson

     3 months ago

    I know this is old but when you started, I was like wth is going on with all that orange. At the end, I was shocked at how great the makeup looks.

  • April F.

    April F.

     5 months ago

    Smelly feet trick, wipe inside of shoes with hand sanitizer on a paper towel. It helps kill the germs that cause smelly feet.

  • Sandy Patterson

    Sandy Patterson

     8 months ago

    Good luck on paying off you student loans, and for scaring the crap out of me when the children yelled yay! Lol... it jumped me!

  • Ramona Espinoza

    Ramona Espinoza

     9 months ago

    It does feel more secure once you are casted. I hated the splint when I broke my leg because it felt so vulnerable. Once I had my cast I was much better.

  • Jessieca Booker

    Jessieca Booker

     9 months ago

    Your make up looks amazing 🌷

  • Ashley Lauren Brooks

    Ashley Lauren Brooks

     9 months ago

    You are such a good mom. Those kids are lucky to have you.

  • Sharon Lee

    Sharon Lee

     9 months ago

    I love raw oysters!! Im so sorry for Jaden! Bless his heart! And yours of course! 💗

  • Erika Velasquez

    Erika Velasquez

     9 months ago

    I really Love this Video. Feel like im connected to you again. Missed you

  • patti cuva

    patti cuva

     9 months ago

    How is Jayden doing now?

  • Keana M.S.

    Keana M.S.

     10 months ago

    You’re a super mom!!!

  • Melissa Zettlemoyer

    Melissa Zettlemoyer

     10 months ago


  • GamerTherapy


     10 months ago

    I love that I'm not the only one that hates going out. I am a homebody. I like going out to eat and going on vacay or occasional shopping and that is IT.

  • Jamie Wells

    Jamie Wells

     11 months ago +1

    I love your smile Sara



     11 months ago

    I love you, so much real person. So many others are embarrassing. Keep us up with your beautiful family. 💗

  • brandi long

    brandi long

     11 months ago

    I'm going through the same damn thing right now with my 7 year old daughter and and the struggle is real.... spiral fracture in her tibia. she is in a walking boot now but the fear gets the best of her. so I completely can relate. hang in there!

  • Girl Trucker

    Girl Trucker

     11 months ago

    More vlogs! Missing your daily vlogs, you make my day! You are an awesome mom and i love love watching you interact with your kids!

  • Danielle


     11 months ago

    "You better quit.
    You better QUIT RIGHT NOW.
    that makes me uncomfortable. "

  • P_I_K_A


     11 months ago

    " You better quit... You better quit right now... That makes me uncomfortable" 😂😂😂

  • lowkey nchill

    lowkey nchill

     11 months ago

    Praying for your son