WISH APP Plus Size Try-On Haul!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 5, 2017
  • If you've tried wish, let me know how it worked out for you down below.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Kj6fo3haEkg


  • Teresa Rager

    Teresa Rager

     12 hours ago

    It’s been told MULTIPLE times you have to size go up a couple of sizes when ordering from Wish!!

  • Bonnie Oliver

    Bonnie Oliver

     18 hours ago

    Why waste the money and contribute to horrendous fast fashion and knockoffs? Doesn't everyone know that Wish is ass by now?

  • mardicherie x

    mardicherie x

     19 hours ago

    I always order 5xl to 7xl and good fit and I’m a gg bra their sizes are ASian you ordered to small size go by measurements they have measurements for each

  • Marisol Pearls

    Marisol Pearls


    My gosh... Those aren't clothes. They look like seamstress rejects. Wish is awful. Its a steal cause they are stealing from you. BS photos of items they don't even have. What an awful site. Smh Thanks for sharing.

  • sdrockrgirl



    I use wish for home items like dish drainers..little shelves organizing products.. that is where wish is good.

  • sdrockrgirl



    If you look at the size chart and where they are shipped from you would realize they are in Chinese sizes which are significantly smaller than us sizes. They have some items that are in US sizes but you have to fully read every listing

  • Cindy Nel

    Cindy Nel

     2 days ago

    That sure is no dress, rofl!

  • Tracy Sabb

    Tracy Sabb

     2 days ago

    OK they said be nice I'm going to be as nice as possible I have not seen one plus size item that she ordered it looks as though she's ordering everything off of the regular size now I must 16 and there is no way and this young lady is very curvy Babe I got a lot of back she's gorgeous but my rock cannot get in A16I know dam well she's not a 16 or a to XL again I cannot get in a to XL and I'm smaller than she is in the hip area. If you're doing a close Hall plus size clothes how you need to order plus size clothes and I have not seen nothing plus size that you've ordered. Realistically it also tells you to order till sizes up because the prop the sizes run small so if she did not pay attention to that disclosure that's her fault that everything she got did not fit her again I'm not body shaming her because she's got a beautiful body but if you gonna do a plus size clothes whole auto plus as close. Nowadays a to XL is not plus size that's the equivalence the to a 16 and she's not a 16 she is not a 16 And again I don't want anybody coming after me or getting nasty with me I'm just stating the facts she's not none nothing she's pulled out is plus size

  • Vikki Chick

    Vikki Chick

     2 days ago

    I don't buy from Wish because their shipping charges are crazy high!

  • Sharon Baker

    Sharon Baker

     4 days ago

    If you paid through PayPal, you can get your money back. Just tell them it did not fit the description.

  • Malena Teves

    Malena Teves

     7 days ago

    Wish stuff is cheap made in China stuff. It never fits me. Ughhh

  • Penni Hayward

    Penni Hayward

     7 days ago

    I've ordered shirts and a evening gown from wish....fits well... I wear a 3x so I ordered 5x's....the only things that didn't fit was chiffon...I emailed them about returning them....they refunded my money quickly

  • tndrhrtd1


     7 days ago

    I bought a long fall coat in a 5x because i knew that they ran small and i would wear a heavier shirt with it. I normally wear a 2x...it was super tight on me...it could barely button it. ..clothes i do not recommend..i have bought the wall stickers and that was worth the money

  • Kao


     7 days ago

    and the prices they 'slashed' were never that price. its marketing.

  • Kao


     7 days ago

    you have to order up the biggest size. contact support and you can be refunded it ALL . its automated and fast. you also do not need to return the items.

  • Chereejean Clark

    Chereejean Clark

     7 days ago

    I ordered, and wish is I had not! The items I ordered were size 5x normal wear 1x. Everything was way too small.

  • Christine Creasey

    Christine Creasey

     7 days ago

    I'm addicted to wish, there should be wishaholic so annymmos

  • michelle hines

    michelle hines

     7 days ago

    Yes u can return item and or get money bavk

  • Jenifer Dean

    Jenifer Dean

     7 days ago

    I know this is an old video.... But REALLY y'all? Its in asian sizes, you are going to have to order 5 or size times bigger than your normal american size! Most other countries have small sized clothes than the US because they don't super size everything...

  • Karen Bilyk-Vogel

    Karen Bilyk-Vogel

     7 days ago

    I'm a 1x. If I buy a 4x they fit , American women r bigger than Chinese woman. Clothes r ok but not designer clothes