Martin Luther King Jr.: Not Just an Excuse for a Mattress Sale | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 21, 2019
  • Trevor and Dulcé Sloan discuss why Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t fit into any one box and how his historical observance has turned into a commercialized, whitewashed holiday.

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  • Persiansweetcat1


     2 months ago

    Dulce is a national treasure 💕

  • john wick

    john wick

     2 months ago

    No want is perfect! that how it works!

  • just mercy

    just mercy

     3 months ago

    This didnt age well.

  • Oliver Phippen

    Oliver Phippen

     3 months ago


  • inr63


     7 months ago

    I f’ckin’ LOVE Dulce!

    Bernie Sanders believes in very much the same things as MLK.
    On most social and economic matters, MLK was very much a Justice Democrat.
    He should be recognized for his contributions both socially and economically.

  • Brandon


     7 months ago

    As great of a skit premise as this was, I’ve been saying for years that the best way to improve society is by reinforcing altruistic qualities as socially desirable and commendable

  • Matewos Temesgen

    Matewos Temesgen

     7 months ago

    Hey. Equal rights = Equal responsiblities

  • unknown unknown

    unknown unknown

     7 months ago +1

    Does anyone believe that Pence has a favorite MLK Jr quote?

  • Jackson Goss

    Jackson Goss

     7 months ago +1

    Lmao Dolce Sloan ain’t even funny, they just clap because she’s black.

  • Peter Harris

    Peter Harris

     7 months ago

    MLK was a conservative Christian lol.

  • shut yo mouth

    shut yo mouth

     7 months ago

    mlk wasnt a democrat haha and malcom x hated liberals.
    mlk was against homos, and abortions...haha stupid liberals

  • Kate Harvie

    Kate Harvie

     7 months ago

    VP Mike Pence is a nervy word that will get the comment deleted and likely me banned from YT. #youcantmakeitup

  • Zach Hatten

    Zach Hatten

     7 months ago

    Not only spitting on the sanctity of marriage, but on the marriage of a great man just to get some cheap racial laughs is beyond a new low for disgusting. What a terrible woman, what absolute disrespect.

  • adonisduque


     7 months ago

    Dude I csnt watch your show while drinking coffee in front of my laptop. Or loved ones.good stuff. Love you.

  • Blair Elliott

    Blair Elliott

     7 months ago

    Dulce Sloan is gorgeous. She did great work with this piece.

  • ProjectFlashlight612


     7 months ago

    The words of Dr King will echo in history for as long as humans cherish wisdom and honour. The utterances of the criminals in power in America now are to MLK's oratory as dung is to a sapphire.

  • Sanjae Johnson

    Sanjae Johnson

     7 months ago +1

    He was a great man😍

  • Marlyon duncan

    Marlyon duncan

     7 months ago

    She ain't lying about that if you can get the cops from killing black people honey okay. Read between the lines LOL

  • I'll fight u in Comments

    I'll fight u in Comments

     7 months ago +1

    Once again black women makes a mockery out themselves. The buffoonery continues! As we live

  • Niel van Steenderen

    Niel van Steenderen

     7 months ago

    I like the different point of view