VIDEO: State ban on sale of flavored vape does not apply to tribes

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 12, 2019
  • A gap in the state ban on all flavored vaping products allows the sale of any flavored vape juice on tribal land.
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  • almir sahacic

    almir sahacic

     a months ago +1

    What a bunch of bs you news stations are embarrassment to you’re self and you’re business you do not do any research anymore to say the truth all you do is spread propaganda nothing else !


    You have no morals or credibility

  • Omar Almanza

    Omar Almanza

     a months ago +2

    Your govner is as smart as a trash can,please get a new one.

  • Anthony Gibbs

    Anthony Gibbs

     a months ago

    I hare that just roll with the punches u know it sounds Bad people are still looking in the matter should there be a vaping band hell no I'm with vapor and I'm getting sick of menthol ,

    I don't have a choice in this matter I love vaping and Menthol is not it once his ban is lifted I'm going to be vaping different kinds of vaping juice is not going to be menthol or tobacco people trying to get away from that I'm going to be one of them so keep your heads up things will get better I hope down the road

  • startreking


     2 months ago

    The governor wanted more tax money, easy way to do that is get smokers back to cigarettes, kill off alternatives as he has done, give it a few years and sure as poo the rate of smokers will go up.

  • GamersAnonymous4me


     2 months ago +1

    "voted to ban it" uh the people didn't vote to ban anything. The Governor is an executive branch member and cannot pass any laws (only legislators can pass statutes that have the force of law), and if you decide to actually read his executive order I am sure it will look like Quomo's N.Y. order #196 that says nothing about criminalizing vape shops who sell flavored ejuice and it only applies to the public agencies, just read it READ IT.