Sex Education: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 9, 2015
  • Sex education varies widely between school districts, leaving many teens without comprehensive information. We made a video that covers what some schools are too embarrassed to teach.

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  • linux750


     an hour ago +1

    The idea that "the more sex a woman has the less desirable she becomes" is bullshit.

    PORNSTARS have a lot of sex and EVEYONE wants to fuck them! In fact the more sex pornstars have the more attractive they become. 😂

    (As long as they use protection, contraceptives, and avoid catching STDs.)

  • Emily Speck

    Emily Speck

     17 hours ago

    Went bowling while on my period and my boyfriend still destroyed me smh what are periods even good for

  • Kristopher Tower

    Kristopher Tower

     20 hours ago

    i find it funny that the most vocal adults on abstinence are people noone wants to fuck

  • Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams

    Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams


    miley cyrus literally makes gangbang porn vids and she is worshipped as a current idol for little kids to engage with.

    this is why i hate the entire generation

  • MOMO


     yesterday +1

    This is all wrong-- All heterosexual intercourse is wrong and is obvious RAPE. If you are a born male; consider castrating yourself, because having sex with women is wrong and considered RAPE. Otherwise, you can either have sex with other men or commit suicide. These are your options-- nobody cares about your feelings/opinions.

  • Dove Time

    Dove Time


    Honestly I would not know about sex if the internet wasn’t around. Texas has terrible sex ed bruh

  • Joshua Fry

    Joshua Fry

     yesterday +1

    I would have removed the "might" from that sentence, but ah well.

  • Audrey Lewis

    Audrey Lewis


    Sex ed in the USA is awful. If we want to decrease unwanted pregnancies and STIs we need to educate EVERYONE on proper use of condoms and birth control. Parents need to stop shaming schools into providing sub-par and inaccurate sex ed. It's disgraceful.

  • f1fan112



    Pam Stenzel reminds me of the anti-sex version of Judge Jeannie Pirro...

  • Noah Yoon

    Noah Yoon


    "EAT SHIT BOB" Mr. Nutterbutter probably the second most funny line from last week tonight



     2 days ago

    Is anyone else glad that September 11th 2001 happend it is funny

  • Steve Collett

    Steve Collett

     2 days ago +1

    I'm Soo glad sep 11th 2001 happend

  • Laurie Hayes

    Laurie Hayes

     2 days ago +15

    ඔහු කතා පෙර දින සිකුරාදා හා පිටත්වන

  • Diego Zequeira-Russell

    Diego Zequeira-Russell

     2 days ago

    That homeschooling joke hurt 😞

  • Saber Toothless

    Saber Toothless

     2 days ago

    The video at the end is so weird

  • Snow Floofer

    Snow Floofer

     2 days ago

    I'm pretty sure the Yale guys are joking. "No means yes, yes means anal" has been a meme for quite a while, and I highly doubt that a group of guys would just get together in a public place and overtly encourage rape. It's illegal and reputation-destroying.

  • Cocomoonshots


     2 days ago

    We had to sign an abstinence card and watch things about STIs. Then play a game that showed who had sex with who and how it spreads🙄

  • John Browne

    John Browne

     2 days ago

    The same people pushing explicit sex education are the ones supporting abortion. Ironic?

  • Jenny C

    Jenny C

     2 days ago

    Aren’t most of these videos from like the eighties and nineties?

  • Jeff Gao

    Jeff Gao

     3 days ago

    Um... If men are 6% and women 4% someone is lying