Why People Are Furious With This Youtube Exec, Belle Delphine Fake News, & "Death By Distribution"

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 10, 2019
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    Belle Delphine Addresses Fake News:

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    Starbucks Apologizes After a Barista Asked Police Officers to Leave:

    Wolf of Wall Street Producer Charged in Money Laundering Scandal:

    Georgia Lawsuit Claims Discrimination Against Puerto Ricans:

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  • Pepe Arenas

    Pepe Arenas

     3 months ago

    Sad, the wey you look is how they judge you

  • Jeff Delong TV

    Jeff Delong TV

     3 months ago

    HBO max-$16
    Disney plus-$15
    Youtube-$10 dont remember the price
    We left cable do to high price now business pulling from Netflix to make their own app I feel like it's a cable package.how they think low income people afford this.. its not just streaming services its insurance now they have insurance for car parts and electronics theirs something new

  • jobriq5


     5 months ago


  • likira111


     5 months ago

    Hmm hats of to Chris to acknowledging how both their life stories effected this. In this online world where one person and side always has to be evil what ever happened to simple misunderstandings?

  • Chaos Knight

    Chaos Knight

     5 months ago

    Am I the only person noticing the blue nail on Phil?

  • sofiaswim


     5 months ago

    "People calling the police on African American is a death threat." And yet you just said that "...don't let those experiences shape the way I see other people." What a hypocrite, what makes you think that every police officer is out to just to kill you? What bigotry is this?

  • Tim Neral

    Tim Neral

     5 months ago

    That moment when a six-year-old understands racism better than a middle-aged white dude.

  • skillustrate


     5 months ago

    I definitely won't be calling in any overdoses. Thankfully, the most common drug of choice for the people I know is weed. But even if you could OD off of marijuana, I wouldn't be the one making the call. Now pass the blunt, you gluttonous steamer!

  • Naerwyn


     5 months ago

    Hearing that little boy say: "Daddy don't, don't!" in regards to him calling the police was heartbreaking. I used to beg my dad to stop doing stupid shit. I really feel bad having heard and seen that.

    That being said; I don't think it's wrong to try to keep your building safe. I don't let people through the gate or doors of the apartment complexes of the people I love.

  • Frederick Cashe

    Frederick Cashe

     5 months ago

    I liked all three seasons Stranger Things also I get Chris point of view as far as trespassers but why did he feel empowered to confront and make demands

  • R D

    R D

     5 months ago

    So you fear for yourself and child? So You smugly engage with your son. He’s a racist POS using his fathers death to justify his hate. And as for him ringing the bell how we know he didn’t. She obviously was t home. So why is it wrong for him to wait inside the lobby. What about this man was screaming criminal.

  • JustPassingThrough


     5 months ago

    Is it sad that as soon as I heard "North Carolina law makers" I instinctively assumed that the legislation in question would be far easier to decry? Anyway, I agree that the law should focus more on bringing down the companies and large scale distributors, rather than the dealers and users. That provision regarding the G.C. Act is encouraging but I smell ulterior motives with this law nonetheless. I suppose only time will tell...

  • JustPassingThrough


     5 months ago

    I'm on the fence about that apartment story. On the one hand, I can understand the paranoia one would have if they'd been through the extreme negatives of just letting someone in. On the other hand, there are far less rude ways Chris could have gone about that. I would be pretty defensive too if I were in the other guy's shoes. I personally suspect that many people who behave as Chris did, use paranoia as a screen for just being unpleasant people. I STRONGLY suspect that...

  • Jay Gambla

    Jay Gambla

     5 months ago

    He most definitely should be fired

  • Baddie Foda

    Baddie Foda

     5 months ago

    It had nothing to due with his so called trauma. He was acting out his racist self. Period.

  • Baddie Foda

    Baddie Foda

     5 months ago

    He told the racist he would stay outside. The racist was so into his racist shit he wasn't having any part of acting like a decent human being. He was going to show his son Just How It Is Suppose To Be Done!

  • Baddie Foda

    Baddie Foda

     5 months ago

    I don't buy what the racist is selling. His son gives us a clear picture of what he hears in the home. He trying to get his father not to act on his racist thoughts.

  • Zena Faye

    Zena Faye

     5 months ago +1

    I bet if that was a white guy or a white female, he would not have said anything! This reminds me of a time when I worked at a stadium and money was getting stolen. One of the top managers would try to frame or accuse the blacks who work there. All of the black people were primary suspects but it eventually came out that the white manager was stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars! They let him go but yet and still, if something got stolen or was missing, the black people would still be racially profiled as prime suspects, even by the top execs who are white too. So I still say that the white guy more than likely was racially profiling because theft and violence is still something that only black men do in his mind.

  • 2damecuteUK


     5 months ago

    Your that afraid and calling the police but your confronting someone your afraid off with your young son?
    Isn’t it safer to do that from a distance?
    He was using calling the police on a black man to prop his ego infront of his son because if you felt that scared you wouldn’t put your child in danger.

  • Armando Montero

    Armando Montero

     5 months ago

    I do that all the time in my building, i do actually close the main gate with lock so that person cant enter the building, and tell that person to call the person he/she visiting to open the door for him. if they like it or not its not my problem. the only one doing a big deal of this is the black racist person. he just want 15min of fame.

    4:09 of course he let those experience shade his life, he film the dude, and proced to think he was calling the police because he was black. chris never said to him, you cant enter the building because you are a nigga/black or any other word used to describe black mens, instead he do actually call chris the next "becky" which is racist to chris.