Black Americans Find Out Which African Tribe They're From

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 4, 2019
  • Three Black Americans find out which tribe and people group they share genetic fingerprints with in Africa!


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    African Ancestry
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  • Tiffany Doug

    Tiffany Doug

     14 minutes ago

    I wish I knew about this before I did ancestry DNA!! 😭

  • Harold Neufville

    Harold Neufville

     3 hours ago

    Kweisi is a Ghanaian name

  • Elvis Ishak Mboni

    Elvis Ishak Mboni

     3 hours ago

    why are they called african americans, or Asian americans? why not americans?

  • Abdullahi Hassan

    Abdullahi Hassan

     5 hours ago

    M Fulani from Nigeria damn.

  • Anne-Sophie M

    Anne-Sophie M

     5 hours ago

    I know already about my ancestry since I'm first gen of immigrants (I'm french) but nowwww it really makes me want to learn much more !! I'll ask my dad when he comes home :)) I am of Cameroonian descent and french Caribbean

  • ansh0133


     6 hours ago

    @6:20 maybe *don't say* "African Ancestry" - perhaps African American Ancestry; because we don't all have that history of slavery in our blood line..

  • Sanaa Ray

    Sanaa Ray

     6 hours ago

    certain people are saying kwesi must be ghanaian because he has a ghanaian name. That don't make sense maybe his parents just like the ghanaian traditional name and called him that...

  • Jack mark

    Jack mark

     10 hours ago

    Now I think maybe the DNA is a bit wrong,this Kwesi guy is Ghanaian, probably they don’t have all the information or tribes of other West Africa countries

  • KATA


     10 hours ago

    I honestly want to take one of these DNA test.

  • Candice Mack-Hillard

    Candice Mack-Hillard

     12 hours ago

    Where is my love button?

  • Sene bobo

    Sene bobo

     12 hours ago

    Over Romantasized. Bottom line is that we are the descendants of those who were conquered.

  • Jade Bruce

    Jade Bruce

     13 hours ago

    Ok YouTube! I finally watched it, so you can now stop harassing me.

  • A. Rashad

    A. Rashad

     13 hours ago

    This is too much work. I'll just go with the Hebrew Israelites and say Israel. . .

  • Love Nadia

    Love Nadia

     13 hours ago

    As soon as I know who I am I’m learning everything about everything . PERIODT🤕😝😝😝😝😝😝

  • inashiine12


     14 hours ago

    Fulani babe ahahahahah

  • Michael Okbazgi

    Michael Okbazgi

     15 hours ago

    How come all of them almost from the same place

  • Mlle Vsga

    Mlle Vsga

     16 hours ago

    I’m from Angola and I just want to say we love you our African Americans brothers and sisters! Africans will always love you! You have a very strong heritage and you can be proud of that! Please never forget that your History doesn’t begin with slavery, you are the descendants of great africans empires and kingdoms.
    Also I know the language is a barrier, but please try to get interested in other countries like Senegal, Congo, Ivory Coast etc ... there are so many countries in Africa, not only Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya or South Africa. Be blessed. com muito amor de Angola 😊😊❤️

  • Marzena Leyden

    Marzena Leyden

     16 hours ago +1


  • SALL Penda Solène

    SALL Penda Solène

     16 hours ago

    I'll be happy when they start these DNA testing videos by explaining they're generally testing only mitochondrial DNA - only retracing haplogroups (the closest thing we've found to genetic ethnic grouping) on the basis of a person's direct maternal line, which means they're only getting a ridiculously tiny fraction of that person's heritage - ... and that most of the companies that make the actual tests make you sign all kind of waivers and constitute a genomic database for their own profit.
    They should also say that something as "simple" as a paternity tests using mitochondrial DNA is only considered to be really accurate when the DNA of one the potential father's female relatives on his mother's side is included in the comparison : if people realized that DNA tests can't even ascertain a person's paternity with a 100% accuracy, maybe they'd take these experiments a little less to heart.

  • Asana C

    Asana C

     17 hours ago

    Thats cool. I'm a Mandingkan also!!!