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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 22, 2018
  • This is a few clips edited together to shine some light Nasa's fakeryThe following videos & clips can be found in the Links belowAstro Not - Nasa gang losing it Live Huggins - Nasa caught lying - the making of Gravity Reentry Vehicles
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  • John Doe

     5 months ago

    "you can tell its real because it looks so fake..." lol

  • Silki

     4 months ago

    You can tell it's nasa because it looks so fake.....


     5 months ago

    None of the astronauts look remotely fit for even a run around the!

  • Alec Daniel

     3 months ago

    When there's no gravity where you are, you don't need to be fit. Like me, I weigh 300lbs yet in space, I'll weigh like nothing, so I'd be floating in space and shit..... Unless gravity and space is fake, than you and I will float and that

  • Kil Gory

     4 months ago

    @Jeff Knott that's what they do...

  • afriadoni

     5 months ago

    so tell me about the flying microphone

  • John Doe

     12 days ago

    I'm not a flat earther, and I want to believe it's real, but The government gives NASA millions of dollars everyday, so there is plenty of motivation to fake it. I can never find any footage of them not wearing those uniforms that can clearly conceal wires, and why do they never show long, open hair? It's always short-haired people. They always do the same moves and it just doesn't look real. The mic could just be straight up cgi, which is easier to fake in lower video quality. Also, tell me how the he...

  • Belle Pauwels

     4 months ago

    Newtons first law!!!!!!!!A body in movement will remain in movement untill a force reacts upon it!What force stopt his body from moving upward with the push ups?????????His body should have kept moving up!DID GRAVITY STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!! (yeah guys know it it's bouyency and density) just speaking some globy :-)

  • Tomas Novotny

     5 months ago

    the first video, 5mins, how do explain the zip lace movement of her trousers. i really think it looked like zero gravity environment.

  • Peter Bollig

     5 months ago

    666 days in space! Wtf.

  • Sandman Beaches

     13 days ago

    666 and 666 minytes

  • Username_5472397

     1 months ago

    mal m did you know that satanists consider themselves atheist 🤣 Isn’t that strange ? Lol

  • FreedomNow in the midst of Controversy

     5 months ago

    At 2:35...the other explanation is they are giddy from all the "public exposure"....

  • Michael Mckenna

     3 months ago

    Then polo shirts and pants are so well ironed not one single crease. Wonder who does the ironing.

  • DarkSta77

     5 months ago

    Q: If Hollywood can do it...why not NASA?A: Because Hollywood make movies and NASA launches spacecraft.

  • thinker

     5 months ago

    Right good job. bless you in 2019. Look forward to more videos blessings in Christ Jesus name carry on