Will Antifreeze clean an Engine? Let's try it!

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 19, 2018
  • Seafoam, Marvel Mystery Oil and Amsoil Power Foam each did an impressive job as an engine cleaner, but can Antifreeze do better? Let's find out! Thanks for supporting the channel: https://www.patreon.com/projectfarm
  • Source: https://youtu.be/LJSFV08o6_Q


  • matt Dickinson

    matt Dickinson

     15 hours ago

    And while you're doing the 50/50 you should also I've done possibly a concentrate antifreeze to see what that would do and maybe possibly add a little bit to the oil to see if that changed anything

  • brian schultz

    brian schultz

     2 days ago

    You should make a higher pitch wind blade to simulate load instead of engine brake

  • WN Continental Broadcasting

    WN Continental Broadcasting

     6 days ago

    can you do a test does High performance BLUE coolant out preform Toyota Red coolant? In Canada blue Coolant cost 80/gallon and thats premixed with water......

  • Eric Fixalot

    Eric Fixalot

     7 days ago

    I’d like to see a similar test with a water/methanol mix. Some people do that for performance reasons but I’m curious about the cleaning effects.

  • Duke mate

    Duke mate

     7 days ago

    lol in australia we have 98 octane at the pump everything runs so much better with crabon buildup being much less of an issue with engines running it shame it so expensive still dont use anything else though

  • Bigstretch100


     7 days ago


    This stuff is an awesome cleaner. Carbon, grease, oil. As good as it works, you don't want to use it in a parts cleaner tank with a pump. Wreaks havoc with the pump. At least, if it's not diluted. Also, if you use to on a vehicle with polished metal, and drips on an aluminum fuel tank, you'll need to polish it out again.

  • arty Berkhoff

    arty Berkhoff

     7 days ago

    any real mechanic knows its the steam.

  • Lorne Johnson

    Lorne Johnson

     7 days ago

    At least you convert a air cool engine to a water-cooled engine that works don't it?

  • Kevin Scott

    Kevin Scott

     7 days ago

    Hi- I used to have a 1988 Honda CRX si- when it was getting upwards of 100k miles- I would removed the 4 spark plugs when the were hot- and drop then in to a clear cup of Super Clean- and just watch the carbon deposits lift away- like that Calgon commercial- "calgon take me away...." remember that?!

  • Ken H

    Ken H

     7 days ago

    Another great video! Thank you

  • Neal Myers

    Neal Myers

     7 days ago

    Wouldn't Transmission fluid work with all that detergent or cleaners in it? If it does work I'm going to use some in my Chevy with the cylinder deactivation to try and make sure it keeps working over 200,000 miles. I really enjoy your videos , the presentation seems to be like real life vs. how staged the shows are on tv these days.

  • john matthews

    john matthews

     7 days ago

    Water works just as good There is a steam explosion that blasts away the carbon with water



     14 days ago

    well kerosene clean the heck out of it

  • J COOK

    J COOK

     14 days ago

    try simple green as a engine flush!

  • Chris Flair

    Chris Flair

     14 days ago

    I have used berryman B12 to clean up sludge I poured half of that into my engine ran it for no more than 5 minutes by the time it was done my engine look like a brand new motor the only downside to that was I had to replace all my gaskets because it dissolve my gaskets as well so I tore apart the engine and replaced all the gaskets but it look like a new motor and when I got done putting it back together ran like a champ I tried that on a 69 Chevy truck that I put a 350 engine in it now I would not recommend this on an aluminum block like as an example Honda's Toyotas and things like that because they can lock up when it dries up the oil but I can a hundred percent sure you I could take the engine apart and dip it in that solution with a ultrasonic cleaner and it would get the engine looking like new 😉

  • 2000vette421


     14 days ago

    Have you tried the homemade hydrogen kit ? For a term I've heard. They say it steam cleans the engine as well and better mpg.

  • joewrosenthal00


     14 days ago

    Most antifreeze is 50% water. So, you are steam cleaning your engine!


  • Dino's Shed

    Dino's Shed

     14 days ago

    Brake fluid mixed with water use to be a good idea.

  • Mrmizilplix


     14 days ago

    Ive seen people use water before

  • Craig Ervin

    Craig Ervin

     14 days ago

    antifreeze will ruine bearings on crank and cam