Cinematic: "Lost Honor"

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 2, 2018
  • A prisoner within the heart of the Alliance seat of power, Varok Saurfang is confronted not only by King Anduin Wrynn, but the choices that lie before him. http://WorldofWarcraft.comSubscribe!
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  • Roberts D.

    Roberts D.

     9 months ago +6193

    Anduin has invited you to join his group

  • Chiruzu o.O

    Chiruzu o.O

     5 months ago +1918

    "i have given everything for the Blizz, play for it, pay for it and Activision is destroing it! What i want... is my WoW back"

  • cean356


     9 months ago +3204

    A father whose lost his son meets a son whose lost his father;(

  • Captain Fordo

    Captain Fordo

     9 months ago +3043

    Why doesn’t blizzard just make a series worth twenty minutes per episode but keep the rich lore and awesome effects? They’d smash that replay button if they did make a series.

  • Santiago Tejeda

    Santiago Tejeda

     6 months ago +613

    To lock himself in a cell with an angry Saurfang, those are some pretty big balls, he really is Varian's son.
    Also, the most beautiful animation style

  • Igorot Cordillera Country

    Igorot Cordillera Country

     9 months ago +3089

    New alliance-only class confirmed: Farmer.

  • Garrett Henry

    Garrett Henry

     9 months ago +1173

    Why did you spare me?
    I forgot to turn on warmode before i left org

  • Eric Ling

    Eric Ling

     5 months ago +297

    When gaming first began I thought we were playing for fun, but now we're just playing.

  • J WW

    J WW

     9 months ago +1099

    Saurfang: Behind you lies the body of my only son. Nothing will keep me from him
    Muradin: I can't do it. Get back on yer ship and we'll spare yer life
    Varian Wrynn: Stand down, Muradin. Let a grieving father pass.
    Saurfang: I will not forget this... kindness. I thank you, Highness

  • Mara Dahlhausen

    Mara Dahlhausen

     9 months ago +593

    Can't Blizzard just collaborate with Netflix already and make an animated wow series? Thanks in advance.

  • Roope Nordblad

    Roope Nordblad

     8 months ago +352

    ''when this war began, i thought we were fighting for peace, but we're just fighting. '' pretty much sums
    the international politics.

  • Marche Edney

    Marche Edney

     9 months ago +123

    Anduin didnt flinch or nothing when Saurfang hit that wall. got right in his face.. didn't even blink.. love it

  • Mograx


     9 months ago +205

    1:34 seeing Saurfang turn away in humility and shame when heard an enemy admired him and thought he a man of honor.. I love subtle details like this.. Saurfang doesn't feel he deserves to be acknowledged as one of honor at that moment. My favorite part of this cinematic, simply because of little details like that.

  • Faolin Siannodel

    Faolin Siannodel

     5 months ago +50

    The voice actors for Anduin and Sarufang did a fantastic job on this one. Just the emotion in the delivery of their lines is amazing.

  • Pantheon


     3 hours ago +1

    Everything aside, I'm just admiring Anduin's beauty.

  • John Riddle

    John Riddle

     4 months ago +52

    Anduin is one of the most interesting personalities in the game. The way he thinks surprises me every time...

  • Mel Celestial Artworks

    Mel Celestial Artworks

     9 months ago +52

    Will this be the expansion where Saurfang and Greymayne are going to have a custody battle over Anduin? Hope Zekhan will like the idea of having a new brother.

  • Biggie Smalls

    Biggie Smalls

     6 months ago +58

    King Varian was The greatest king (to me), but now I believe Anduin will be the greatest king that The Alliance will ever witness.

  • A LeF

    A LeF

     9 months ago +1056

    Sylvanas has left the chat

  • Basteal


     2 months ago +19

    It's sad, but every time an olive branch gets extended, or mutual respect is shown between the Horde and Alliance, it still moves me. Even though it's happened over 9000 times at this point.