Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers OST - Ending Theme (HEAVY MSQ SPOILERS)

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 1, 2019
  • Track is called "Tomorrow and Tomorrow"

    Shadowbringers has been absolutely amazing so far. Story alone it is better than Heavensward IMO. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I have.

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  • Rain Talbotts

    Rain Talbotts

     5 months ago +771

    "Remember us." Tears. The Ascians are victims like us all in end

  • Melissa Lok

    Melissa Lok

     3 days ago

    Indeed thank you to Naoki Yoshida and his team for making our lives more fulfilled :)

  • nyowanyoworld


     3 days ago

    I always break at Emet’s sad smile. He truly found us worthy to remember their legacy in that moment. And then, when G’raha shows up the bitch tears come out.

    If you had the option to say his name and you didn’t, who even are you?

  • JJA8020


     6 days ago

    Stand tall my friends

  • xXCrowFeatherXx


     7 days ago

    Every time I visit Crystarium and this theme is playing there quietly I shed a tear and my breathing starts being funny.
    This is amazing story telling and the music is so powerful. Respect to all these amazing people working on it.

  • Zekkuro


     7 days ago

    When Emet told us, his closest friend in the past, to remember him
    When We looked over at Ardbert's Axe
    When G'raha Tia shed a tear just from the thought of us, remembering him
    When Thancred gave him a pat on the back afterwards
    Feels all over the place

  • RD400D78


     14 days ago

    i liked stormblood more than hw. shadowbringers was great too.

  • Icyflamez Kurotsuchi

    Icyflamez Kurotsuchi

     14 days ago +1

    sniffles Wh... Who’s cutting onion in here?!

  • Fizz Please

    Fizz Please

     21 days ago +1

    Wait, is this Baked Weeb from Levi? I've seen you around :) Thank you for posting this.

  • Subvisual Haze

    Subvisual Haze

     a months ago

    It's especially tragic because the Ascians are all tempered and thus cannot stop pursuing the resurrection of Zodiark. You're left wondering to what extent the Ascians are truly in control of their own actions and how many of their evil deeds were just the tempering subduing their free will. Emet Selch isn't just nostalgic for the friends he's lost, he's probably also nostalgic for that last time he had full control of his own actions.

  • Nernx Ultima

    Nernx Ultima

     a months ago +2

    A dear friend just passed away and all I can think about is this song. It's stuck on repeat in my mind. :,( I miss much now

  • Rebecca Clark

    Rebecca Clark

     a months ago

    You also want to find out what scene also fits this perfectly? Tony Stark's heroic sacrifice and funeral in Avengers: Endgame.

  • Pokè Potter Muffin

    Pokè Potter Muffin

     a months ago

    I subbed and it now says 1k subs it did say 999

  • Daniel Waldhoer

    Daniel Waldhoer

     a months ago +5

    My cat died today. Listening to this soundtrack gives me tears. RIP Mimi. I will miss you, you were the greatest cat of all times.

  • yume mirai

    yume mirai

     a months ago

    Remember us.

  • The Chocobo Lord

    The Chocobo Lord

     a months ago

    Emet thanos snaps himself out of existence and G'raha cries like a little bitch

  • firefox30570


     a months ago

    I literally stopped at the end of stormblood to finish ct

  • BlackHangola


     a months ago

    This song is dope AF but on an unrelated note... not gonna lie your WoL looks awesome

  • The Spycrab

    The Spycrab

     a months ago +1

    In the end he accepted defeat and was willing to leave the future of the planet to us. He died with a smile on his face.

  • Saul S

    Saul S

     2 months ago

    Shadowbringers by far is the best thing... Ever!