The EASIEST Bread EVER! Crunchy, No Knead Recipe.

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 19, 2019
  • Today is another cold winter day on the homestead and perfect for some hot soup and homemade bread. Today we are showing you how to make this amazing crunchy no knead bread. You won't believe how simple it is!
    3 Cups Flour (Bread or All Purpose)
    1/4 Tsp. Yeast
    1 Tsp. Salt
    1 1/2 - 1 3/4 Cup Water

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  • Living Traditions Homestead

    Living Traditions Homestead

     10 months ago +701

    Here is the recipe!
    3 cups flour ( 390 grams)
    1/4 tsp. Yeast (1 gram)
    1 tsp Salt (6 grams)
    1 1/2 cup water (354 - 414 grams)
    Bake at 450F (232C)

  • Stephanie Mair

    Stephanie Mair

     12 hours ago

    that'd be perfect if you made several and turned them into bread bowls

  • Stephanie Mair

    Stephanie Mair

     13 hours ago

    lol PIA! Utah pyrex pirates would go crazy!

  • Stephanie Mair

    Stephanie Mair

     13 hours ago

    milking machines can cause injury and callus and create a need for antibiotics

  • W Val

    W Val


    This bread is really good! I have also made it with rosemary and it turned out delicious. I boiled the water and put it in a mason jar and added a bunch of rosemary and let it steep. The hot water extracted the yummy flavor and had a green tint. When the water cooled to being just tap water hot, I strained it and used it in this bread recipe. Then I added a bit more rosemary pieces to the recipe when I mixed it. Turned out really tasty.

  • Cheryl Burgess

    Cheryl Burgess


    well you two are both so special and sweet! You made a superb video! I am glad to see you are enjoying life so much. Gonna make the bread this weekend! thank you for sharing your animals and lifestyle!

  • Mara Vujnovic

    Mara Vujnovic

     2 days ago

    Veoma lepo very nice bread I make like that of coarse and soup 👍🍞🍲

  • Kimberly Quintanilla

    Kimberly Quintanilla

     2 days ago

    Looks beautiful. And the flannel shirt and hat are cool.

  • Judy McCoy

    Judy McCoy

     2 days ago

    Too many ADDS! But I will try to make the bread! Love their country life!

  • Flo aka mystepedals

    Flo aka mystepedals

     2 days ago

    first batch of wood stove kevin bread for dinner with leek potatoe soup,,,,,,tks kevin,,,,one of the only things i love in the winter, lol

  • MysticSoulSeer - Amy McFarland

    MysticSoulSeer - Amy McFarland

     2 days ago +1

    Oh my is this bread good! Watched the video when I was hungry (my first mistake) and then got right on it! It is so delicious and easy! Thank you!

  • GrandmaSewHappy Homestead

    GrandmaSewHappy Homestead

     3 days ago

    You're needing board when you're done with it do you just wipe it off with a wet or dry clock. Do you ever wipe it with soapy water? I want to make one of these for my family member but I also want to instruct them in how to use it. You said The more you use it the better it gets so it made me think is there something I'm doing wrong to make a board better

  • William Gray

    William Gray

     3 days ago

    Have some manners and remove your hat when sitting at the dinner table.

  • lar4305


     3 days ago

    wife just made it exactly how you did. Wow! it was so dam good.Thanks

  • JacquiMukoowu


     4 days ago

    Wonderful bread recipe thank u!.. I wish I could show u a Ugandan bean stew recipe for your bread

  • Aino Bredtved

    Aino Bredtved

     4 days ago +1

    You should keep the soup recipe separate from this - it looks yummy but I would work better of you keep it apart

  • June Swanson

    June Swanson

     5 days ago

    Made your bread. It is sitting on a wire rack cooling as I am typing. It looks just like yours. I am impressed!!! Hope it tastes as good as it looks. We will cut into it in the morning. Thank you for taking the time to make the video. (by the way, I'm 70yrs. too)

  • lynn allen

    lynn allen

     5 days ago

    Great Video- your hair is lovely!
    Thank you for the recipes!

  • Carmen Reyes

    Carmen Reyes

     5 days ago

    That was awesome.

  • Kathy Lane

    Kathy Lane

     5 days ago

    Looks yummy. Will try. Thank you