Nick Cannon: R Kelly Likes Immature Girls Because He Can't Read (Flashback)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 5, 2019
  • In this VladTV Flashback from 2018, Nick Cannon spoke on why he thinks R. Kelly likes immature girls. Cannon said he believes the reason is that the singer/producer cannot read.
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  • ChevyDude65 ChevyDude65

    ChevyDude65 ChevyDude65

     7 months ago +499

    My Moms died about five months ago and she LOVED Nick Cannon! She was a few days shy of 79 and she loved her some Nick! She said he was "such a sweet boy that does NOT need to be married to that Mariah Carey! She isn't gonna treat him right!" LOL! I miss my moms more than anything.

  • Evelyn Carrillo

    Evelyn Carrillo

     7 months ago +184

    Nick is intelligent. He's Interesting to listen too.

  • Jay Hemphill

    Jay Hemphill

     7 months ago +1043

    Yo even though the black community clowns nick for being corny dude is hella enlightened

  • NITA B

    NITA B

     7 months ago +727

    So everyone is admitting to seeing this man mess with underage girls and they just looked the other way.

  • OldskolFan


     7 months ago +1339

    No, R. Kelly likes young women because he can control and manipulate them. He may not be intellectually gifted; but he has mastered the art of manipulation and appearing dominant and strong. Young girls are easier to control and mold them to what he wants. His ex wife said he controlled and abused her.

  • Denika clymer

    Denika clymer

     7 months ago +305

    What he said about R kelly does make sense thou

  • Avery William

    Avery William

     7 months ago +453

    You came here for 5:06

  • Marsellis


     7 months ago +899

    Hide ya kids hide ya wife

  • Edwin Solares

    Edwin Solares

     7 months ago +592

    Nick cannon look like a quarterback in a tv 📺 commercial 😭

  • Dantes Denmonestie

    Dantes Denmonestie

     5 months ago +46

    i take back everything i said about nick cannon he's realer than my favorite rappers (90's)

  • William Leigh Daniels

    William Leigh Daniels

     7 months ago +143

    R Kelly hasn’t grown past a 15 year boy. That sums everything up.

  • 1An OnlyJDaGoat

    1An OnlyJDaGoat

     7 months ago +590

    Vlad out here eating off of R Kelly😂

  • candy girlll

    candy girlll

     7 months ago +291

    If your well off, how hard is it to get a private tutorer, it's never too late to learn. You can learn until your 80 or 100



     7 months ago +275

    Nick Cannon is Right, He Can’t Attract A sophisticated woman, I Agree With Nick Cannon, But I’m so sorry, Kells Shouldn’t Mess with Young Women

  • aaronvod


     7 months ago +64

    Damn Nick lookin like Marlon Wayans and Colin Capernick lovechild .😂 he’s handsome though.

  • GBRL


     7 months ago +203

    reminds me of m.wayans in scary movie lol

  • Melinda Duncan

    Melinda Duncan

     7 months ago +134

    What about Floyd? The women I see him with are of age! He can’t read or write. It doesn’t make him a predator. .

  • Big O

    Big O

     7 months ago +231

    A lot of ppl are going to get accused just like r kelly this year. That doc opened the flood gate

  • Michael Saunders

    Michael Saunders

     5 months ago +24

    Kelly talks to young girls because because intellectually they're on the same level.

  • onesha mckinney

    onesha mckinney

     7 months ago +206

    nick cannon should have been on surviving r. kelly