Ups & Downs For WWE Network 2.0

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 3, 2019
  • Simon Miller with all the ups and downs from the updated WWE Network.

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  • Game Over

    Game Over

     21 days ago

    Completely broke the fast forward/rewind ability

  • Joseph Holder

    Joseph Holder

     1 months ago

    Everything has worked perfect for me..

  • Saul Ortega

    Saul Ortega

     1 months ago

    Anyone figure out how to cast it on the chromecast?

  • therealskrubby


     1 months ago

    It loads slower after the update.
    Im not a fan of it

  • BrandonTyler Carter

    BrandonTyler Carter

     1 months ago

    WWE Netbroke

  • DrunkRyan


     1 months ago

    LOL I may be the dumb one, but I cannot figure out how to watch whatever is live

  • Zandriel Grimm

    Zandriel Grimm

     1 months ago +1

    Took away Watch list

    Took away the TV Shows' episode numbers (I.e. Raw 23, Smackdown 622, etc.) So it's harder to keep track of where you are in history

    Continue Watching works HALF of the time, whereas prior to this, it worked 100% of the time

    The design looks better and more up to date

    Searching for PPVs is a lot easier, albeit takes some getting used to

    Anyone else wanna add anything?

  • Michael


     1 months ago

    Great review Simon! I can't stand the new network! I can't log on to my tv provider because they took it out on the app.. so i can't see anything on tv. I really hope it's temporary! At least i got the channel!

  • Invincible Young Empire

    Invincible Young Empire

     1 months ago

    Some of the problems before, really didn't encounter. But the new look is very dope and does have that feeling like Netflix but the buffering and out of synch is definitely a major problem.

  • Donnie Harden

    Donnie Harden

     1 months ago

    One issue is, idk if anybody else had this issue, but, when I signed in, my Continue Watching only had like 2 or 3 things in there and I know I had at least 10 in there. And I don't know what made that happen. It's annoying because now I can't remember the other stuff I had.
    The other thing is on your phone, if you go to Originals and search under every category, the stuff that says Featured, All, Documentary, and so on, the Monday Night Wars doesn't display at all. It's not under In-Ring either, What is that about? Anybody else have similar issue(s)? Thanks.

  • Herv


     1 months ago

    I'd just like to thank you for including the network's accessibility issues.
    I canceled my subscription some time ago, and thought about renewing for SummerSlam, but if I can't navigate it with my screenreader, forget about it.
    Thanks for saving me money!

  • Adrian R

    Adrian R

     1 months ago

    I like that we can watch any episode of any show/ppv now, not just highlights, and finally getting rid of those damn gray dots. I also really enjoy the "Skip match" option now only making it to the end of the match instead of jumping over promos and video packages. Overall 9/10 bc of random glitches, but nothing is ever perfect.

  • ] ginock [

    ] ginock [

     1 months ago

    By far. By a country mile far the dumbest change they have made is the "continue watching" section, sure it shows you at the bottom the last thing you watched (singular) but the fact you have to go the "my profile" section to see other things you have watched and to get to the full "continue watching" honestly blows my mind, why? Just why?!

  • Steve Diggle

    Steve Diggle

     1 months ago

    I literally cant cancel my subscription it just doesnt allow you anymore

  • Cole Rieger

    Cole Rieger

     1 months ago

    I don't know what you got, but the laptop version of WWE Network is totally busted, there's no horizontal scrolling, searching anything brings up fucking everything. I searched WrestleMania and got 73 results, that's too many results especially when they include non-WrestleMania things. The app versions work a little better, but they broke way more than they fixed. I still know people who can't even use the damn thing.

  • wrestlingfortune44


     1 months ago +1

    No Watchlist

  • JoshCT K

    JoshCT K

     1 months ago

    I hate the new network It sucks with no playlist and it f'n pisses me off. Lol

  • Stephan Pierson

    Stephan Pierson

     1 months ago

    WWE Notwork Simon! Come on man you're English this is your language bud!

  • Smith RK

    Smith RK

     1 months ago


  • Yaelryy Spear

    Yaelryy Spear

     1 months ago

    They legitimately raised it to 19.99? Netflix of "wrestling" prices.