Tides of Vengeance Survival Guide, Part Three

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 7, 2019
  • The release of Tides of Vengeance Part Three opens the way for two new Allied Races, PvP Updates, the reopening of the Brawler’s Guild and more. Learn what’s in store in our Survival Guide.http://WorldofWarcraft.comSubscribe!http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c...
  • Source: https://youtu.be/LkgL1SyLWy0


  • J F

    J F

     5 months ago +552

    wow is so carried by the art team...

  • Von Karma

    Von Karma

     5 months ago +930

    Dont mind me im just here to watch people complain

  • mojambo213


     5 months ago +140

    "PVP brawl against AI combatants"... In regards to 'pvp', I don't think that acronym means what you think it means.

  • Saitama


     5 months ago +886

    Survival guide for Blizzard Entertainment:

  • Stone Keyboard

    Stone Keyboard

     5 months ago +711

    "If you want to get around the world more easily"
    Yeah, about that.

  • Sky Wolf

    Sky Wolf

     5 months ago +120

    7 months later..... Releasing the races you promised...?

  • Anthony Robinson

    Anthony Robinson

     5 months ago +240

    2:50 Hunters are getting back their hot tea.

  • Nelox


     5 months ago +914

    Every patch is one step closer to the next expansion.

  • TijaraTijara


     5 months ago +301


  • EinerJeti


     5 months ago +96

    Man, I missed narration guy. You really don't know what you have until it's gone.

  • Archimo


     5 months ago +136

    Wintergrasp were probably my favorite pvp battleground/experiance so happy to see it becoming an epic Battleground

  • Roberts D.

    Roberts D.

     5 months ago +9

    I’m subbing again just because I can literally play as an obese dude.

  • Mitanoo


     5 months ago +89

    "leveling these allied races will reward you with a unique mounts"
    shows reskinned mounts

  • WoWSpartacus


     5 months ago +378

    You'll likely get some downvotes, but this was a solid Survival Guide, keep up the good work.

  • konohake


     5 months ago +16

    so i guess BFA is out now about time!! :D
    oh wait...

  • Remus


     5 months ago +217

    Overhaul every old zone/BG while we're at it! =)

  • kangaxx


     5 months ago +34

    Survival part 1 of 1: wait for CLASSIC

  • Reinier K

    Reinier K

     5 months ago +17

    As someone who spent most of his 10+ years WoW career inside of AB and WSG, the visual update is pretty nice to see.

  • Harry Atkinson

    Harry Atkinson

     5 months ago +290

    Wow so we havent forgotten about magni and the world dying. Good to know :/

  • Necroxis


     5 months ago +157

    The fact that there are 3 survival guides for a single patch is a problem, blizzard.
    The content itself is "fine," but splitting a single patch into three parts and trickling it to people is why a lot of fans are upset. Also in before the obligatory "all the dislikes are just haters!" defense. Because legitimate criticism can't exist anymore without it being strawmanned into being the same as those who harass devs online.
    I'm not mad or upset, I'm honestly confused as to why you continually keep including content that wont be out for weeks and months (Like putting Zandalari/KT allied races in all 3 Tides of Vengeance Survival Guides) as if they're releasing tomorrow. Surely you must realize that is part of the reason people have been dislike bombing the video?
    I'm trying to help you out here, you seem to have forgotten that optics are a thing.