Is E85 better than Cheap Gasoline? Let's find out!

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 22, 2018
  • Is E85 better than cheap gasoline? What about fuel efficiency / MPG (miles per gallon)? What about horsepower and torque? So, will E85 clean the engine better than cheap gasoline? Will it prevent carbon buildup? Let's find out. Also, thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.
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  • lex addams

    lex addams

     16 hours ago

    ethanol creates smog/low lying ozone. which is known to cause lung polyps. plus as you found out you get worse gas mileage. so it's bad for your wallet and the environment.

  • 91ludesit


     2 days ago

    I use a mixture of e85 and 93 octane in my WRX to get about E30, tuned it was worth about an extra 80HP. I only see about 1MPG difference between that and a 93 octane tune.

  • Happy Yard Service

    Happy Yard Service

     6 days ago

    No engine is safe with Project Farm. LOL...

  • Lorenzo Neblina jr

    Lorenzo Neblina jr

     7 days ago

    Yea i am a retired ASE master, and i used E85 in my 1994 ford thunderbird w the 3.8 liter, first tank, it didnt like it much, then i started to add marvel mystery oil to each fill up and retarded the timming, and turkeybird loved it,so did i. E85 was 1.78 in 2007-08 regular gas in arizona was 5.10 a gal for 87 unleaded i also used E85/mysteryoil in my 78 dodge rvs 6.0 onan generator With no problems. Used it daily for almost 2 years.(generator was cheaper for power than Trico electrics coal/used tire/Natural gas burning power plant) And a plus was the
    Oil changes in these engines was extended greatly.

  • Dana Gropp

    Dana Gropp

     7 days ago

    I used e85 in my 2010 Ford crown Victoria it was a flex fuel vehicle. I noticed that in only city driving my gas mileage was amazing for stop and go...but highway driving it really burned up the fuel. Nice to say for that large V8 engine. It passed emissions test flawlessly and never blew smoke and always stayed clean. I hope this is informative for you and Thank you for your videos. Take care Dana.

  • CSLFiero


     7 days ago

    The beauty of e85 is that it can handle high compression. Not diesel level, but 15-16:1 naturally aspirated. it produces a lot more power that way and with proper gearing can make it more efficient. E85 where I used to live it's also about 70% the cost.

  • David Seitz

    David Seitz

     7 days ago

    Love your videos. I have an 09 Flex Fuel Town car. I don't have access to E85 fuel where I live. I understand that Ford/Lincoln uses a colder spark plug to accommodate the burning of the E85. I have heard that people with flex fuel vehicles who don't run E85 can gain some fuel efficiency by switching to the non flex fuel (hotter) spark plug. I'm curious if anyone has any experience with this. thanks

  • Viciouz Saundz

    Viciouz Saundz

     7 days ago

    My car is compatible with E85 and I was relented to use it, but since I start to use only E85, I clearly see the difference not only in fuel consumption but also in the extra power that the engine delivers. Also, and I like to make this clear, maintenance costs have in fact lower since the engine runs much more smoothly.

  • Denis Casey

    Denis Casey

     7 days ago +2

    Interesting results. I hired a 2019 GMC Yukon last Sept in Florida for 3 weeks and done 3000 miles total. The first 1500 miles, I used Reg Unleaded at $2.44 per Gal and returned 18.5mpg. The last 1500 miles, I used e85 at $2.56 per Gal (quite hard to find) and returned 14.5mpg. Almost the same difference as your test with e85 around 30% less efficient as regular unleaded. The SUV did run slightly better on the e85.

  • need metal

    need metal

     7 days ago

    Got to crank up the timing with e85

  • M.A Rodriguez

    M.A Rodriguez

     14 days ago

    I typically use E85 as an alternative to unleaded when I’m on a budget, now I do understand that you shouldn’t go back and forth between the two. On average, I lose 2-3 MPG on E85. I also run a cleaner for my injectors when I run E85. Just my two cents.

  • ACDC1998Zippo


     21 days ago

    in a flex fuel vehicle, i would only run e85 3-4 times a year in order to clean the fuel system and combustion chamber.

  • Its a Rome Thing Everyday

    Its a Rome Thing Everyday

     21 days ago

    We had an 88 Chevy celebrity with a tech 2.5 4 cyl automatic, we were in Colorado and never had heard of e85 until that time in 1998, anyway we filled up with it, and in all reality it ran and drove pretty much the same as 87 octane, we drove all the way back to Iowa and did good on mpg, I also went 50/50 e85 & 87 in our 88 Park Ave that had a 3800 series 2 v6, only noticeable difference was the smell of the exhaust, was glad to see your comparison here in this vid, mind you neither of the two vehicles listed in my comment were labeled flexFuel, any thoughts on this? Would really like to know what you think, Happy Holidays

  • W B

    W B

     21 days ago

    When i use e 85, i get 11 mpg. With 87 octane i get 13 mpg and on 91 octane i get 15 plus mpg on my suburban

  • Adam Swartz

    Adam Swartz

     21 days ago

    E85 has an octane rating of approx 105

  • Adam Swartz

    Adam Swartz

     21 days ago

    Put a turbo on there, go get some good 🌽, and you will definitely see a massive amount of ponies to the rollers 😂

  • phantom240


     21 days ago

    Couldn't reach 5k RPM in 3rd gear? Sounds more like hitting the governor than lack of power.

  • Allan Purl

    Allan Purl

     21 days ago

    I have an 03 Explorer with the 4.0 six and it's a flex fuel vehicle.

    A couple of weeks ago, I filled up on E85 for the first time.

    While my truck ran fine, my check engine light came on with a catalyst efficiency below threshold code (P0420).

    As soon as I ran the fuel down and filled back up on regular fuel, the code cleared itself.

    Just like you, I also noted that fuel efficiency was reduced by about a third due to the lower energy density of dead corn vs traditional dead dinosaurs.

    I suspect my truck has a sensor that is not quite up to par and thus unable to take into account the combustion emissions difference between the two fuels.

    Fewer emissions from ethanol would result in cleaner exhaust going into the catalytic converter and therefore an apparent reduced efficiency in catalytic converter performance.

  • Richard Evans

    Richard Evans

     21 days ago

    I’m guessing E85 is an American fuel as the fuel in the U.K. is a maximum 5% ethanol I’ve noticed I’d be quite happy for you Americans to keep it by the looks of it lol

  • Han Nes

    Han Nes

     21 days ago

    I've been using E85 with gasoline mixed in ratios like 30/70, 50/50, 70/30 on my european Audi 80(A4) from 1993 and A3 from 1999. Both are working just fine even though they have no e85 mods. Fuel consumption increase is 20-25% on 70% alcohol mix, but here where I live it's actually beneficial since E85 is only 65% price per volume compared to pure gasoline.