i used my arcade stick on nba 2k19 and IMMEDIATELY started stringing combos

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 6, 2019
  • I tried something like this last year but it didn't work. This time I got a new arcade stick and it's time to show NBA 2K19 what I got.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/LvUZ2NkHGZE


  • Blue Turtle

    Blue Turtle

     7 days ago


  • Andy Villarreal

    Andy Villarreal

     7 days ago

    the video is fake

  • HBK Hezzi

    HBK Hezzi

     14 days ago +1

    My squad was lit when agent won his first park game using that controller

  • Offset TG

    Offset TG

     1 months ago

    Should we tell him that the lockdown’s jumper isn’t base 8... it’s base 24

  • peblo craft

    peblo craft

     1 months ago

    FAKE what bull shit is this

  • yxniii


     2 months ago

    this dude hit the takeover button without an r3 button 😭

  • Insane BARZ

    Insane BARZ

     2 months ago

    What kinda arcade stick is that???

  • Lukemp4


     2 months ago

    mans uses a Korean arcade stick, and I'm over here. Barely makin my layups and 3 pointers

  • Bob Collins

    Bob Collins

     3 months ago

    can i do this with the xbox one

  • Bob Collins

    Bob Collins

     3 months ago

    i got a x-arcade joystick and i'm tryin to get it to move for my 2k19 for xbox one need help bad

  • Cm Punk

    Cm Punk

     3 months ago

    Who says 1234? 😒 thought it was LMH

  • pullup sway

    pullup sway

     3 months ago +1

    Dam he never got 15,000 likes 😔

  • can’t be bothered changing my profile pic

    can’t be bothered changing my profile pic

     3 months ago

    thought I was watching a 2k20 vid .......💀

  • Rúna


     4 months ago

    5:31 you can see him do a dribble move

    Agent busted a prettyboyfredo and faked a vid? 🤔

  • -Bruh Wtf-

    -Bruh Wtf-

     4 months ago

    Watching this vid made me realize how much of a loser agent really is...

  • Hxgh Roller

    Hxgh Roller

     6 months ago

    I thought u couldn’t use dribbling I saw u do a hesitation

  • alphamaleaj


     6 months ago

    imagine you’re watching the 2k league and it shows all the players and they all have the ps4 and xbox controllers and then there’s that one dude using this shit

  • Marc Olson

    Marc Olson

     6 months ago

    You should play a game with the Xbox Adaptive Controller

  • Speedermillon


     7 months ago

    9:48 when you mad/hype dont know what to say

  • game team

    game team

     7 months ago +1

    Agent:I fell like I graduated. (u were 1 for 8)