UNFRIENDED: DARK WEB (2018) Endings Explained

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 28, 2018
  • Digging into the darkest corners of the internet in the techno horror sequel UNFRIENDED: DARK WEB, which features TWO different endings. Learn all about the story and what happens in both endings.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Lve29BQ69MM


  • proxy4


     2 hours ago

    To watch this movie for free just install a torrent client and go google for the link.
    I liked the movie because it could be reality very easy!!
    Think about your smartphone and the apps you install giving it access to your phone.... 😁🤣

  • Me-Ann Torres

    Me-Ann Torres

     14 hours ago

    #FoundFlix 4ever

  • Christopher Lowery

    Christopher Lowery

     2 days ago

    HEY! That’s not cool, man! I haven’t lived with my mom in months!

  • GrandExvius


     5 days ago

    In the DVD/DIGITAL/BLURAY release, it included 3 more endings

  • Sans James

    Sans James

     5 days ago

    Unfriended 3: The infinite V-bucks Genorator

  • Sans James

    Sans James

     6 days ago

    Next up Unfriended: The Retweet

  • The Idiots

    The Idiots

     6 days ago

    This one sucked !!

  • Destrauk


     6 days ago

    Little did he know. The movie actually has 4 endings.

  • TheDragonKing


     7 days ago

    Well I've seen 4 different endings instead of 2 so...

  • Oscar M

    Oscar M

     7 days ago

    movie was aight. its watchable

  • Dat Stoplight

    Dat Stoplight

     7 days ago

    wtf they just can give it back to them

  • Nobody


     8 days ago

    And this is why you don't date deaf girls :D

  • Alyssa Galvan

    Alyssa Galvan

     8 days ago

    Where do spiders illegally trade digital info?
    I'll leave now...

  • Hunter Bush

    Hunter Bush

     8 days ago

    “10/10 just like Unfriended: Dark Souls”

  • Justin Bieber artised

    Justin Bieber artised

     9 days ago +2

    Spoiler alert

  • Marcos Pimienta

    Marcos Pimienta

     9 days ago

    I believe, they weren’t going to leave matias alone, even if matias gives the computer back.
    Think about the hackers like a psychopath, if you have something a psychopath wants, and you have to give it to them in order to live, once you give it to them, they’re just gonna kill you right after.

  • kill zone

    kill zone

     9 days ago

    also one more thing hackers are arrested or killed if they get caught and hackers cant beat admins

  • kill zone

    kill zone

     9 days ago

    theres an easy way to kill all of these hackers how well thats an easy question there just humans right get
    swat military google banned police admins tom cruz every one in the world including jesus there dead
    if you agree

  • rexxkentrix


     9 days ago

    wow is this movie 6 months old???? i just saw it on cinema yesterday (im from colombia by the way...)

  • ItsDOTaGOD


     10 days ago

    Its not Pronouced ma-tay-as
    Its pronouced mat-i-as