Obamacare in Trump country

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 17, 2017
  • We travel to Whitley County in Kentucky to find out why people who benefited most from Obamacare would vote for Donald Trump. Some thought that Trump would not actually repeal Obamacare. Others felt that Obamacare wasn't affordable.

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    See the full interview with President Obama at: https://www.faceclips.net/video/V7eqoL18zwg/video.html
    Kathy's full question and Obama's answer start at 38:00

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/M0FvLkXDKIs


  • Vox


     2 years ago +674

    Read more here: http://www.vox.com/2017/1/17/14294444/obamacare-trump-country

    Watch the full Obama interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7eqoL18zwg&feature=youtu.be

  • 38live.visual_concepts studios

    38live.visual_concepts studios

     3 hours ago

    😂😂white people will let hate destroy their lives an family's health care...wow...........😲😲😲😲😥😥😥

  • justbenice72


     6 hours ago

    Who needs healthcare when we have a military budget to increase.

  • Alicia Kreisler

    Alicia Kreisler

     16 hours ago

    Cheeto Von Tweeto only knows how to make himself wealthy. The man(used loosely) has no conscience or compassion.

  • rene akan

    rene akan

     17 hours ago +1

    more proof that Bernie is right @ medicare for all being an advancement.

  • B Lidge

    B Lidge

     22 hours ago +1

    Think of the average person. Half of the population is even dumber than that.

  • Benjamin Akira

    Benjamin Akira


    2:47 "he's smarter than that" no he's not cathy, no he's not.

  • Keisha Nicole

    Keisha Nicole


    “He’s got children. He knows better than that.” HE ALSO HAS MONEY, BROAD. His children aren’t using ACA.

  • Stacy Jones

    Stacy Jones

     2 days ago

    Vox tried to do a follow up but the people were all covered, ...WITH DIRT

  • Kenshi0001


     2 days ago +1

    Is it legal to drive and talk on the phone? LoL

  • Donnie Raveling

    Donnie Raveling

     2 days ago

    This is hypocrisy at its worst. Disgusting. A Human toll.

  • Eunice Swan

    Eunice Swan

     2 days ago

    They all live on cloud cookoo land

  • Donnie Henderson

    Donnie Henderson

     3 days ago

    Shocking that there are so many ignorant americans who understand nothing about taxes, health care, government, what runs the government, etc......politicians are there for the main reason of creatings laws that benefit the higher earning incomers including themselves and for the corporations that own the country.......

  • Stacy J, MBA

    Stacy J, MBA

     3 days ago

    By the way that was an excellent story coverage 👍🏾

  • Girish Kulkarni

    Girish Kulkarni

     3 days ago

    Resorection. Goes in Ure USA India is not goes on such

  • GrEEnfReAKXxX3


     3 days ago

    Wow,,,,, Obama really was a great president!!!

  • Pete Dube

    Pete Dube

     3 days ago

    They got insurance but they cannot afford all the costs Obama care put in place.

  • Main Screen

    Main Screen

     4 days ago

    Frustrated yet still no replacement. Some people are just..

  • Benny Rodriguez

    Benny Rodriguez

     4 days ago

    Vox! Can you please do a follow up with the people interview? Thank you!

  • 007JHS


     4 days ago

    Trump voters are thick... they have SFBs... constipated ones at that.