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  • Published on:  Friday, February 8, 2019
  • To commemorate hitting 1 million subscribers, I decided to try and make my own play button using materials from 6 of our most popular videos: Obsidian, Gold, Silver, Copper, Penny Bronze, and Clear Glass. Thank you to everyone for subscribing and supporting us!

    Shout out to Reed Wilkerson for the beautiful frame:

    Referenced videos:
    Penny Bronze:
    Clear Glass:

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    Today, getting what you need is as easy as a trip to the store. From food to clothing, energy, medicine, and so much more, Andy George will discover what it takes to make everything from scratch. His mission is to understand the complex processes of manufacturing that is often taken for granted and do it all himself. Each week he’s traveling the world to bypass the modern supply chain in order to harvest raw materials straight from the source. Along the way, he’s answering the questions you never thought to ask.

    Music by the talented Taylor Lewin
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  • I will stay anonymous TheCrow

    I will stay anonymous TheCrow

     2 days ago

    Try making some gold out of old jewelerys (Then maybe watch a chemical yt tutorial)

  • YellowKat lol

    YellowKat lol

     3 days ago

    “Now thats a GOLDEN SHOWER

  • milchi Animation

    milchi Animation

     4 days ago +1

    I can't cast play buttons. I only believe in Explosion magic.

  • Jacie Conley

    Jacie Conley

     5 days ago

    the beakers that you used reminded me of the water plant my dad works at

  • DQmilkteaa


     7 days ago +1

    Someone: You can't make a multimaterial play button
    HTME: Observe

  • Sakura san

    Sakura san

     7 days ago

    you have the silver button to use f you making your own buttons🤦‍♀️

  • Daniel Gross

    Daniel Gross

     7 days ago

    Obsidion is made from leave cooled also I have a chunk of it so ye my dad found as kid in Hawaii as a kid so it's cool ^_^_^

  • Richard Childs

    Richard Childs

     7 days ago

    Isn't melting pennies illegal because its destroying currency and because pennies are worth more when scrapped and sold raw ?

  • ApolloandWarrior _

    ApolloandWarrior _

     7 days ago

    Please tell me you have a fume hood oh god...

  • Aslan Guseinov

    Aslan Guseinov

     7 days ago

    Soundtrack for you is Bee Gees - Stayin’ Alive!

  • Aslan Guseinov

    Aslan Guseinov

     7 days ago +1

    This guy drops everything!
    And then ACID! OMG i hope he doesn’t drop it!

  • Aslan Guseinov

    Aslan Guseinov

     7 days ago




     7 days ago

    Dear god I have a headache from how many long as shit words there are

  • Willem Bennink

    Willem Bennink

     7 days ago +2

    The fastest way to drop something is being “how to make evereything”

  • Plax Gamer

    Plax Gamer

     14 days ago +1

    YouTube has left the chat

  • El Loko

    El Loko

     14 days ago

    Sand down the aluminum cans (take off the paint)

  • Max Gubbins

    Max Gubbins

     14 days ago

    To get the gold go to a Mesa biome

  • Mollei Rose

    Mollei Rose

     14 days ago

    Boi are you not scared? Being in a room full of toxic gas??? That's terrifying!!!

  • CoalPanda


     14 days ago

    That noise at 7:57 is 👌🏼

  • xav gaming

    xav gaming

     14 days ago

    Wait my silver tooth is 170$?!?