Cassius Stanley Vs. Shareef O'Neal! Was Too LIT! Sierra Canyon vs. Crossroads

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 24, 2018
  • Sierra Canyon vs. Crossroads. featuring Shareef O'Neal (Crossroads), Yuuki Okubo (Crossroads), Cassius Stanley (Sierra Canyon), Kenyon Martin Jr (Sierra Canyon), Scotty Pippen Jr (Sierra Canyon), Duane Washington (Sierra Canyon), DJ Houston (Crossroads) and more.
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  • Jason Maggard

    Jason Maggard

     a years ago +309

    Great Camera Work and Editing - Thoroughly Enjoyed - Felt Like I was at the game - not too many can film like this - Awesome!!!

  • Dr. C. Dorsey

    Dr. C. Dorsey

     21 days ago

    I see stars on the team in white.

  • Vernaux


     1 months ago +1

    how tall was the little dude?

  • ceni kikiam

    ceni kikiam

     1 months ago


  • Luke W

    Luke W

     1 months ago

    I have autographed shoe from Cassius he signed it in person at a highschool when I was there

  • werkannderwird


     1 months ago

    I just thought - before I red the comments - J. Marin was Scottie's son , because of his dunking skills.. my fault!

  • Makers Mike

    Makers Mike

     1 months ago

    Great job with the camera and edits.

  • DONALD Jean-Jacques

    DONALD Jean-Jacques

     1 months ago +1

    Basketball is Such a Beautiful Sport its a work of ART!!!!!

  • Melanie Cifuentes

    Melanie Cifuentes

     1 months ago

    19:22 epic faillllllll 😆

  • Cristiano


     1 months ago

    Jersey #3 of Crossroads is pretty Solid at both ends.

  • Honestly Speaking

    Honestly Speaking

     2 months ago

    Kenyan Martin jr a beast

  • Nkosi Rooms

    Nkosi Rooms

     2 months ago

    Shereefplaying suburb ball.He needs to play ball in the hood to learn some more moves.Get his basketball Iq up.

  • Iamactuallyted


     3 months ago

    Scottie pippen’s kids are literally clones of him

  • STAY Woke33

    STAY Woke33

     3 months ago

    I feel like shaq son team cook could a one little better defense Box out hands up

  • Soldier Ahpayach Ban Yahawadah

    Soldier Ahpayach Ban Yahawadah

     3 months ago

    This is like NBA jr team

  • Julius Canedo

    Julius Canedo

     3 months ago

    Red team coach so weak

  • Miciah Galloway

    Miciah Galloway

     3 months ago

    Yo shareef is not overrated his team sucked he was always the best player on his team while everybody else had help

  • Let There Be Truth

    Let There Be Truth

     3 months ago

    Smmh people don't seem to understand that most kids of former NBA players won't be as good as their parents because their parents grew up in the hood and that's where they played outside everyday because they had nothing to do but play ball all day and got better by doing this. These kids don't eat and live basketball like their parents did

  • Why Me

    Why Me

     3 months ago

    If this was 2k basketball....its a Allstar team vs regular team😳😳but,they did other news....these kids troll game is +10....who would have thought of McDonald's bags as hats😳😳😆😆😆who raised them....that's just mean

  • David Beckham

    David Beckham

     4 months ago

    O'Neil team was small in height as compare to well build Casius team. Otherwise there would be a different result but still respect to O'Neil team that they loose with small margin. They gave their best.