My portion sizes are NOT your art project - idubbbz complains

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 26, 2018
  • Have YOU experienced dumb portion sizes? Tell me what restaurant chains have annoying/senseless practices

    Starbucks and coldstone can soak my node

    MORE POINTLESS RANTS ON THE WAY. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (dont say me, or any of my series) 'idubbbztv2 is open season tho) heh heh heh


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  • LordZebraCake


     15 minutes ago

    Lmao, who saw his documentary on fatty before this video?

  • economicist2011


     2 hours ago

    Gonna open a coffeeshop where if you use Italian size names instead of Amharic, we call you an imperialist and murder you in front of your children. You get a discount if you order in Oromo.

  • economicist2011


     2 hours ago

    Now do one about Chick-Fil-A not allowing their employees to say, "You're welcome" or Popeye's requiring their employees to say "Welcome back to Popeye's" regardless of whether they recognize you or even if you're a first-time customer, and then say "God Bless" afterward regardless of their religious inclinations.

  • economicist2011


     2 hours ago

    Three grades of douchebaggery:
    "Like It": Putting up a sign that says, "This is America, order in English."
    "Love It": Insisting despite the "Like It" condition that one use the phrase "wiz wit" or "wiz witout" after hearing a customer follow instructions and order in English.
    "Gotta Have It": Referring in any scenario to a sandwich with thin-sliced low-grade well-done beef as a "steak"

  • ButterBall


     6 hours ago

    Pramanti brothers in Pittsburgh are a bunch of dickheads too. The server flipped out because I ordered one of their sandwiches and asked for no cheese because I'm lactose intolerant. She told me they make the sandwich one way and refused to make it without a slice of cheese on it,so I just looked at her like she was stupid and went somewhere that didn't put Cole slaw and French fries on their cheeseburgers.

  • Aiden Andre

    Aiden Andre

     6 hours ago

    When companies force you to use their weird ass terminology, it gives me mild to severe social anxiety, it’s called a fucking hot dog, we live in America, why can’t I order a fucking hot dog and have some corporate asshole force me to say “spring shot” and look like a retard when he can’t understand me



     11 hours ago

    This is my favorite Seinfeld episode!

  • Ant FromTashkent

    Ant FromTashkent

     14 hours ago

    Oh shit “full force” cameo.

  • Trev D

    Trev D

     14 hours ago

    you killed me with the recorder music and candy rain

  • savannh551


     17 hours ago

    Why am I just seeing this.

  • Veqx


     yesterday +1

    can i suck your m e a t c y l i n d e r

  • GhostySweep


     2 days ago +1

    5:38 what is that song

  • whyisblue923taken


     2 days ago

    How to sell new sizes in SJW culture:

    Small: Ew
    Medium: Meh
    Large: THICC

    Now people are programmed to get the large without being sensible.

  • Cocoa Cawfee

    Cocoa Cawfee

     3 days ago

    My dick size is gotta have it ladies

  • FingerBone


     3 days ago

    booster juice does the same, but with the names of the drinks instead.

  • HeavySandpiper


     3 days ago

    This video cured my depression.

  • Moar Bajur

    Moar Bajur

     4 days ago

    "HOOOOOOOOO! You bite the peach, the peach bites back"
    -iDubbbzTV 2016

  • Caden McVey

    Caden McVey

     4 days ago

    I work at Starbucks and I had a lady who only spoke Spanish (I speak Spanish too) day that she wanted a grande (this means large in Spanish) but I made her a medium (Starbucks calls mediums grande) and she got really pissed and talked to my manager. Thanks Starbucks’s👍

  • baconboi


     4 days ago +3

    Season 9
    1997 . TV-PG

    BUY FOR $19.99

  • Peyton The Panda

    Peyton The Panda

     5 days ago

    What is that song 5:38