Husband Secretly Shares Why He Waited to Say 'I Love You'

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 8, 2019
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  • K. S.

    K. S.

     3 minutes ago

    just glad i watched this video today

  • Munem Raja

    Munem Raja

     9 hours ago +1

    In Islam , we don’t even date and go straight to marriage . That’s when you say I love you , so this is lightwork

  • FunctionofLight One

    FunctionofLight One

     20 hours ago

    Great couple and he can really sing.

  • tuba Khan

    tuba Khan


    the perfect guy doesn't exi-

  • Alija Cohen

    Alija Cohen


    Why'd i think this man was Adam Driver in the thumbnail

  • Priki 85

    Priki 85

     yesterday +2

    "You look very pretty. "
    "Thank you... " (super happy)
    "Is my hair okay"
    *heart melts...... *

  • kaci13096


     2 days ago

    Such a real love. Also, his singing and playing was so good

  • elaelaehhh


     3 days ago

    I didn’t cry, you did 😭😩

  • mary strunk

    mary strunk

     3 days ago +5

    Their children are going to be STUNNING

  • ncl brll

    ncl brll

     4 days ago

    Yeah I'm definitely not crying

  • TheBrandonRobert


     5 days ago +1

    I'm engaged to the woman of my life and I think I love Jake. Oh der gahd, saff me.

  • nejwa B

    nejwa B

     6 days ago

    Every now and then i come back to this video to remind myself love actually exists.

  • mon soon

    mon soon

     6 days ago

    Really a great couple.

  • nothing it's just me

    nothing it's just me

     6 days ago +1

    Sorry if I sound kinda obsessive but is this just me or this is the idealistic relationship between a male ENFP and a female INFP ?

  • Unknown Unknown

    Unknown Unknown

     6 days ago

    Um... sorry to say this... but that’s Bobby shmurda

  • De K

    De K

     6 days ago

    I love this guy!!!!

  • Myra Farooqi

    Myra Farooqi

     7 days ago

    SAW U ON SONGLAND JAKE SCOTT I KNEW I RECOGNIZED U. weirdly enough i saw you here first.

  • erika lauridsen

    erika lauridsen

     7 days ago

    so jake is perfect.

  • Dana Diimplez

    Dana Diimplez

     7 days ago

    So bless to have each other ❤️

  • Curated Connection

    Curated Connection

     7 days ago

    Cries in singleness