Fantasic Fan Mounted on the Back Window of the Van

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 1, 2018
  • As we continue talking about beating the heat, there is nothing more important than having a Fantastic Fan, or some other powered fan to quickly move hot air out of the van. It's truly amazing how much air they can move and how quickly they can cool the van. The problem is that many of us have no extra roof space to put a fan in. Either we have so much solar there is no room on the roof, or we have a fibreglass top in a Class B that is crowded with openings and contours that makes it impossible. What can we do?

    Today my new assistant KC shows us how she had her Fantastic Fan mounted into one of her back doors where the window used to be. It has done a tremendous job of keeping her van comfortable even in the 100-degree heat we've had here in Oregon in the summer of 2018. I've seen just how well it works and highly recommend it to you!

    Fantastic Fan:

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  • Mitch Winder

     (Aug 1, 2018)

    Great job. However, I’d like to see the power wire tucked along the side of the door and run inside near the hinge, out of the way. Preferably in some heat shrink. It looks like it’s begging to be torn off in it’s current state.

  • E S

     (Aug 16, 2018)

    Definitely needs a little work on the wiring (guess it wasn't the auto-body guy's forte} maybe add a flexible plastic shroud or as you said, some heat shrink.

  • rememberyj

     (Aug 4, 2018)

    yeah i was kinda freaked about that wire.

  • K9

     (Aug 1, 2018)

    I did the same thing with my cargo trailer. I wanted to keep the roof from leaking and wanted as much room for solar panels as possible. The fan is the MaxxFan model 4000K. I called the manufacture to ask if mounting it vertically was OK and they said yes. So, it went in the back wall near the roof. Since it is thermostatically controlled, the temp is set and when it gets too cold, it slows down then eventually shuts off. Coming home to a comfortable temperature is great.I will go into other RVs and ...

  • McFloT

     (Aug 15, 2018)

    Yep. I'm trying to enter the vanlife and I wanted the whole roof for solar panels, this seems like a great idea.

  • DrMary Adkins

     (Aug 2, 2018)

    K9 i also have maxx fan bc of jamie- enigmatic nomadic. Love it

  • Libby O

     (Aug 1, 2018)

    Hi Bob - KC"s van looks super cute! Have you all done a tour of her van yet?

  • Brett Thorndike

     (Aug 1, 2018)

    Bob, "love this channel"'s a great help👍🏻

  • Jesse La Brosse

     (Aug 1, 2018)

    Speaking of portable fans. Fantastic fan makes a portable one for around 75$. I use it in my truck all the time.

  • Debbie Bruening

     (Aug 2, 2018)

    Great video! I want to see a van tour and interview with her. ❤️❤️

  • Bad B

     (Aug 1, 2018)

    She is very nice glad to see you doing good Bob keep it up thanks

  • vial.of.photons

     (Aug 3, 2018)

    The sealant job looks very amateurish. The installer should have applied masking tape on the door to create a nice edge.

  • J M

     (Aug 1, 2018)

    Thanks a great video looking forward to your portable fan options

  • Lucklynn Day

     (Aug 1, 2018)

    That's such a good idea! If I were to do that I would get the Maxx Air Fan with the rain gaurd to help proctect it. I wonder if she's considered getting the Fantastic fan rain gaurd to put over it? That way she wouldn't need to worry as much about it getting broken or anything.