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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 15, 2019
  • This sword belongs to Ancient Greek or spartan Armoury. These types of swords were built to hold them in one hand and the classic blade was generally about 50–60 cm long, although the Spartans supposedly started to use blades as short as 30 cm around the era of the Greco-Persian Wars.

    Me and my elder brother we helped each other to make this video and i am deeply thanks to our every single subscriber who is supporting us to do something new and creative. I made this just for fun i am not promoting any kind weapons so guys just sit back relax and enjoy the video.

    I love the Brass and you guyz can see casted brass looks really enchanting in the handle.
    Some of viewers just hate me to much because of using brass but its my skill so i want to work on the things i am good to do so guys watch the videos just for fun.

    I showed the whole procedure for restoring this chopper in this video.
    o. The liquid i used to remove RUST was VINEGAR.
    o. I used sandpapers of different GRITS for the shine of the steel.
    o. Brass casting was done for the HANDLE to look more enchanting.
    o. Dark coloured wood was used to make the handle.
    o. For Hardening the blade i used my own handmade METAL MELTING FURNACE.
    o. I used clear paint to shine the wooden handle and Brass was shined by special brass polish.

    Rusted GREEK SWORD - Impossible RESTORATION

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  • Elijah Gardner

    Elijah Gardner

     an hour ago +1

    Wow that's crazy

  • Stew


     4 hours ago

    You will stop watching here 3:58

  • Zahn Allison

    Zahn Allison

     6 hours ago


  • Zahn Allison

    Zahn Allison

     6 hours ago


  • francine gayagay

    francine gayagay

     8 hours ago

    I bet Sparta had some time making Greek swords

  • Ruby Omega

    Ruby Omega

     12 hours ago

    I want a Ruby colored sword blade Dark red and handle light pink

  • Zander Tassart

    Zander Tassart

     12 hours ago

    Wow that’s a really cool looking sword before and after

  • Ayumi Izoto

    Ayumi Izoto

     13 hours ago

    How to ruin a blade 101

  • Matt Vali

    Matt Vali

     18 hours ago

    Why is the white cloth

  • Kon Ellin

    Kon Ellin

     23 hours ago

    that is in no way a ancient sword or a falcata. I should had first of all no rust but patina (Brozeswords) so its an old replica find for sure. I think the description is misleading

  • awab 77

    awab 77


    He always use the same handle

  • Clogged toilet

    Clogged toilet


    Imagine you gave him a priceless antique to restore and he yeets a chunk out of it like a hole puncher

  • T-pose Triumph 1

    T-pose Triumph 1


    The Gods will be happy for you because you restored the ancient greek sword

  • ExtraSpeedz



    I was like come on it’s worth a lot then I saw the end

  • Avery Games

    Avery Games


    This guy ruined this sword, it was better before when it was rusty. He didn't restore it, he destroyed it!

  • Gianluigi Romano

    Gianluigi Romano


    that's was surely an ancient Greek sword

  • yun20 yun

    yun20 yun

     2 days ago


  • hoonigan Tselepis

    hoonigan Tselepis

     2 days ago

    Were did you find this

  • Demon King

    Demon King

     2 days ago

    How much???

  • Israel Cabanas

    Israel Cabanas

     2 days ago

    Hey he's gotten a tad better