Gordon Ramsay’s Food Is Flooded With Oil | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 19, 2016
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    I'm sure you can predict his reaction here.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/ML1AriwoQVE


  • Morgan V.

    Morgan V.

     4 hours ago

    "You gotta be kidding me man!"
    What'd you think the chef would say? Stare at me more?

  • Subtain Alwaeli

    Subtain Alwaeli


    These people just disrespected my whole cultures food 😤

  • TeamWolfRules


     2 days ago


  • Scream Deadly 6

    Scream Deadly 6

     2 days ago


  • Ghastly Dragon 10

    Ghastly Dragon 10

     3 days ago

    I would creep mark out by doing sexual actions towards him I’ve tried hummus once it has a weird texture but the taste is amazing

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Book of shadows contributor Brian

     3 days ago

    Cute server 👄👅👍

  • W/L winner Loser

    W/L winner Loser

     4 days ago

    Muslims are creepy

  • Jakari Jones

    Jakari Jones

     4 days ago

    Drizzled or flood?

  • Yael Webber

    Yael Webber

     6 days ago

    Cmon that’s not a lot of olive oil, it is the way humus is served other wise it’s dry

  • Isaiah


     6 days ago

    Can we take a second and recognize how the waitress is super polite throughout the whole time of being in front of Ramsay? Great customer service, wrong place for you to work at

  • Helaleh Reyhani

    Helaleh Reyhani

     7 days ago

    0:42 this is me walking pass the dishes in the sink

  • Abdullah Ahmed

    Abdullah Ahmed

     7 days ago +1

    It’s a tradition to put a lot of oil in Hummus, that’s what I do too. Olive oil brings the taste.

  • Feral Magick

    Feral Magick

     7 days ago

    It is NOT traditional to put oil ON hummus. Yuck!

  • Yasmeen -.-

    Yasmeen -.-

     7 days ago

    Camonn thiss is Lebanese food 😒

  • Yasmeen -.-

    Yasmeen -.-

     7 days ago +2

    Ya allah 🤦🏻‍♀️ the hammus has to have little oil on it

  • Izy Cananua

    Izy Cananua

     7 days ago

    Creepy dude staring Gordon down

  • Apree.thomas Morefire

    Apree.thomas Morefire

     7 days ago

    Drizzle with the fizzle bloody hell 😃

  • alex poole

    alex poole

     7 days ago

    man he scares me

  • e- man

    e- man

     7 days ago

    In israel the used the same amount smh

  • Tony, le Lavallois

    Tony, le Lavallois

     7 days ago

    The amount of olive oil they put on the appetizers (hummus, labneh...) is the normal amount added on them in the Middle Eastern culture (I'm from Lebanon so I know what I'm talking about). Gordon Ramsay is ignorant about this fact and should learn more about our culture before criticizing.