Switching Lives with Jeffree Star

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 3, 2018
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  • shane


     a years ago +15922

    PART 4 UP NOW! https://youtu.be/9q2PgfYbppY

  • Nompumelelo Precious

    Nompumelelo Precious

     3 hours ago

    She had me at "friends assuming you're gonna pay for dinner and pay for they're plane tickets."

    If I was Jeffree Star's friend I would do the same...all jokes aside he is filthy rich.

  • Kennedi XD

    Kennedi XD

     6 hours ago

    When jeffre voice went deep i was like
    Oh sh-
    Then i heard his scream and i was like
    A 2 yr old here

  • Xidhigta Shanta qarad

    Xidhigta Shanta qarad

     7 hours ago

    Wooow iam somali lady and i proud of you

  • Blahbabablah Blah

    Blahbabablah Blah

     9 hours ago

    James did Shane dirty.

  • moxi foxi77

    moxi foxi77

     11 hours ago

    There's an ad on this to do with period tracking. Shane are you bleeding from your vagina? Jk jk

  • moxi foxi77

    moxi foxi77

     11 hours ago

    Heres an idea.Jeffree as deadpool. Shooting movies in his ware houses. Designing fashionable super suits. Thoughts?

  • MochiTarts!:l


     12 hours ago

    6:26 bets scream I ever heard👏👏😔💀😂

  • Kindra Vonbehren

    Kindra Vonbehren

     12 hours ago +1

    Who's rewatching and gearing up for the new series?

  • Mirko di Wallenberg

    Mirko di Wallenberg

     16 hours ago

    Jeffree Star is so correct at the end of the video, having a lot of money comes with an huge price and especially sacrifice. This week Ronaldo declared on a talk show that he has never had a day in the park with his children and girlfriend because people always want to be with him, take pictures, touch him... he said that he so desperately wanted to have a "normal" life again being anonimous in town, being free to do whatever he wants to do with his family, but that is never going to happen, always paparazzi, body guards, people wanting things, so in the end, money gives you freedom to do or buy whatever you want but does not give you freedom to have a "normal" life like most people have! Sad!

  • Jacob Makowski

    Jacob Makowski

     19 hours ago

    He is so rich I can’t even comprehend

  • Victoria Chapman

    Victoria Chapman

     20 hours ago

    Nobody at all:
    Shane: WhErE dO i PuT mY wIg
    I'm weezing 🤣🤣

  • Dannesia Van Lange

    Dannesia Van Lange

     20 hours ago

    This entire video i realised that jeffree is an amazing human being i love how when everyone aas against him and he pushed through Jeffree you inspire me that no matter how many people say you can't that to still push through. I love you jeffree and my dream is one day to meet you.

  • KitDaUnicorn


     yesterday +1


  • Jaycee Fabro

    Jaycee Fabro

     yesterday +2

    shane have 22.3 m subs and jeff have 16.9 but jeff is richer than shane

  • natalie musolino

    natalie musolino

     yesterday +2

    How is Jeffree like a billionaire and I have a better phone than him🤔

  • Jennifer Moore

    Jennifer Moore

     yesterday +1

    Jeffree seeing this and seeing this raw real you I have so much respect for you! Shane kudos to you for this project sharing this world with us pulling back the curtain!

  • Jennifer Moore

    Jennifer Moore


    I truly am so happy Jeffree allowed Shane to show the warehouse to see the other sides of the business. It just further shows what an incredible boss bitch he is!

  • amelie


     yesterday +5

    Shane and Andrew: woah... hahahhahaha
    Jeffree: aaaaaaAAAAHHHYY!
    Jeffree: okay ready? hi baabyy.. WELCOME BACK.... to my chaneelll..
    Shane and Andrew: 😲😲😶

  • grace costello

    grace costello