Skyline Skyling for Skyline (Least favorite thing to do)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
  • I swear we are literally working nonstop on this thing and it's killing me to feel like nothings getting done, I hope it doesn't appear the same way to you guys. Promise tomorrow you'll see things start to take form :) Get your first 3 meals FREE with FREE shipping.
    Music by David Cutter -
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  • Papa Its

    Papa Its

     a years ago

    Adam you should put a nice beat while you're talking cuz its kinda fast,yet it's clear,so, great

  • dus1 twitch tv

    dus1 twitch tv

     a years ago

    yoo ware full face eye protection bro

  • Manuel Sanchez

    Manuel Sanchez

     a years ago

    Adam youre supposed to clean the gun right after using it !

  • jaiden weston

    jaiden weston

     a years ago

    Adam just gerni your walk the paint will come off and it will look schmick

  • Quentin350z


     a years ago

    So clean man

  • Nick Swanson

    Nick Swanson

     a years ago

    Money shot. Lel

  • Xrovh~


     a years ago

    Tommy = FaZe Banks twin.

  • josh blight

    josh blight

     a years ago

    Whats the song at 4:22

  • Costa Rican Boy

    Costa Rican Boy

     a years ago

    I just wanned to see your girl she is fine

  • Costa Rican Boy

    Costa Rican Boy

     a years ago


  • Chad D'Boy

    Chad D'Boy

     a years ago

    its Japanese rice Udon noodles

  • SirClock63


     a years ago

    i think i had a stroke when i read the title

  • Cairan Nicholls

    Cairan Nicholls

     a years ago

    Where’s the cream 240sx

  • King Say

    King Say

     a years ago

    His r32 has the gayest taillights I’ve ever laid my eyes on.. this is Adams only L

  • sheckta


     a years ago

    i love your videos everytime you get one out... but when you try to fool some of us and repost and old(ish) video... ya aint gonna fool me!

  • motorized cycles

    motorized cycles

     a years ago

    Is it just me or does that skyline look like shit? It's more of a ricer than a tuner tbh

  • Isaac Eno

    Isaac Eno

     a years ago

    Dose he even bike anymore?

  • FascLnatLon


     a years ago

    someone should get nicole a date with taylor swift

  • rmh116


     a years ago

    let’s see a running tab for the skyline...$$$$$

  • DJRuben GamingTV

    DJRuben GamingTV

     a years ago

    WHY drumbrakes! ??? Adam