People Play 2 Truths And A Lie

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 26, 2019
  • "The thing about lying is you got to put little nuggets of truth in there."


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  • Megan Eisnor-Janosz

    Megan Eisnor-Janosz

     14 days ago

    Half of the things they mentioned are things I do all the time and wouldn't do if (I do this to be polite) I was lying.
    I touch my hair and play with it all the time
    I cover my mouth when I am talking if I have just eaten something
    I cough alot
    I pause while talking

  • Ryan safar

    Ryan safar

     21 days ago

    I thought it was almost drowned in colordo river because his family was with him and his mom would of prodally make him be safe

  • ateez and txt

    ateez and txt

     1 months ago +1

    Two truths one lie
    1: I’m only into curly hairs
    2: I have a crush on my girl friend
    3: I hate k drama

  • ateez and txt

    ateez and txt

     1 months ago

    The guy to the left reminds me of pewdipie

  • TheHomierudy


     2 months ago

    girl in the middle seems so full of her self

  • Tjen Broun

    Tjen Broun

     2 months ago

    I GOT 4/4 🎉🎉



     2 months ago

    Got all three right ! 🤣🤣

  • Toby Bed

    Toby Bed

     3 months ago

    I’ve gotten none haha

  • M DiBartolomeo

    M DiBartolomeo

     3 months ago

    Your intro - I disagree that this is good criteria that someone is "probably" lying. I feel like this is what introverts do. All of these indicators could just mean that someone doesn't have a lot of social energy and/or they are socially anxious. Introverts need to take time to think about their answers, because often there's not a wellspring of words on the top of their head when they're talking. Also sometimes people hate the way they look or they're perfectionists. They think about how their bangs look dorky, so they're pushing them aside while they're talking. Maybe their hair in their face is making them physically uncomfortable, and it's not even about anxiety. Some people are very physically sensitive. They might be trying to eat and talk and are worried there's something in their teeth. They are being considerate of others and don't want to gross someone out. Some people are just more self conscious because they've had bad social experiences with judgemental people that have impacted their lives. They didn't get a job they really wanted because they were too awkward in the interview. Or someone ghosted them because they're not very talkative. This can lead them to do nervous things like touching their hair or closing their eyes. Maybe they have a lot on their mind and need to close their eyes to focus on their thoughts. I think that we shouldn't be accusing people of lying who might simply be struggling socially. Just my perspective, thanks!

  • arizona tea

    arizona tea

     3 months ago

    only reason i knew it was the broken hand was bc she stalled with the laugh saying “actually it’s a funny story” total giveaway tbh

  • Mar Mohamed

    Mar Mohamed

     3 months ago

    There's no universal tell for lying, and a lot of the "tells" relate to anxiety/stress. Some people are more anxious, and some have zero anxiety, so it's hard to come up with an objective and scientific measure of lying.

  • the next Bob Ross

    the next Bob Ross

     4 months ago

    I got all right except the last one, haha!

  • Bird03t


     4 months ago +2

    I'm not a liar I just have crippling anxiety :((

  • Dillon Brice

    Dillon Brice

     4 months ago

    Welp thanks for spoiling it

  • Lyra


     4 months ago

    who else is looking through the comments seeing if anyone played along and guessed them all right? cause I am and i did

  • Miniature Creations

    Miniature Creations

     4 months ago

    That they don’t remain I contact with you

  • twioi :3

    twioi :3

     4 months ago


  • Marc-André Blais

    Marc-André Blais

     4 months ago

    2:35 you see at this moment she is lying, she is having a hard time to say it and her voice is shaking a bit
    Edit: yay i got them all right, this was not that hard after all

  • Alexis Hatfield

    Alexis Hatfield

     4 months ago

    I got some hehe.
    1. The only time I've been out of the U.S was when I went to Japan
    2. I am a weeb
    3. I love horror films.
    Take a guess.

  • Maggie Kleinhenz

    Maggie Kleinhenz

     4 months ago

    When she said turtle days in Indiana, I’m pretty sure it’s only that town that he was from. I’ve never heard of a turtle day or anything and I’ve lived here for 10 years 😂