BATTLE OF THE STYLE BOXES! Stitch Fix vs. Dia & Co vs. Stylogic | Sarah Rae Vargas

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 21, 2019
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    I've had SO many requests to try plus-size style boxes and I wanted to pin a few against each other to see who would reign supreme. Will it be Stitch Fix, Dia & Co, or Stylogic?? 👗 Thumbs up if you want to see more head to head comparison videos!

    STITCH FIX 05:06
    Love Always Zephyr Open Cardigan
    Liverpool High Rise Skinny Jeans
    Toms Cabrillo Canvas Lace Up Sneaker
    Gilli Micah Crisscross Dress
    Ink Love & Peace Calyn Neck Knit Pullover

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    DIA & CO. 11:10
    Cambridge Clutch
    Molly & Isadora Gardenia Flutter Sleeve Dress
    City Chic Camelia V-Neck Half Sleeve Tee
    Gilli Tatiana Printer Knit Tee
    Rebel Wilson X Angels Stagg Destructed Ankle Skinny Jeans

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    STYLOGIC 17:47
    Stylogic Rhinestone Flower Necklace
    Maggy London Floral Midi Dress
    J. Crew 365 Tie-Waist Cardigan
    Seven7 Skinny Pant with Side Slit & Grommets
    Aldo Frilassa Flat

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    V L O G C H A N N E L➜
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    B U S I N E S S C ON T A C T➜

    Sarah Rae Vargas
    2758 US Highway 34
    STE B 147
    Oswego, IL 60543

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  • Stacey Symons

    Stacey Symons

     21 days ago

    The last box was what I feel like some dude in a corporate office thinks plus size women should wear.

  • Crystal Lowden

    Crystal Lowden

     1 months ago

    Omg Your Beautiful little girl looks exactly like my 22 year old daughter Yasmine when she was 8 years old Wow! I am so in Shock because she even had the same Silly but Sweet personality .... Its crazy😊

  • fbcervantes


     1 months ago

    You shld post your daily outfits..what you are wearing now is cute

  • Ashleigh Short

    Ashleigh Short

     1 months ago

    Samoa’s and thin mints are my favorites too Nahla!

  • Judy Ann

    Judy Ann

     2 months ago

    OMG - Your daughter is so adorable. Personality plus. Love her.

  • Jennifer D

    Jennifer D

     3 months ago

    I subscribe to both Stitch Fix and Dia & Co. BTW: Stitch Fix will extend your return date; you just need to go to their website and click on "change my return date." They'll give you an additional 2 weeks, or so. My first Stitch Fix box really missed the mark and I left specific, "This type of style does not work on me..." in my note to my stylist. The second box I received I got almost the same exact dress for which I said, "This style does not work on me" and other things I said were not listened to. I went on their Facebook page and explained what happened. They reached out to me and we had a detailed conversation about the issues and what my style is. They dropped the styling fee if I would try again, which I did. They did much better the third time, but I still have to send things back due to costs and some things just not fitting my shape well. I am keeping three items, though. Not sure if I'll continue. I had similar issues with Dia & Co. Their first box was way off. The second, which I received last week, was better. Again, I contacted them after the first disaster and they waived the styling fee if I tried again. They did do better, but I still find them expensive on a number of their items. A simple top or cardigan that's nothing really special shouldn't cost $50-70. This is an issue I have with both. I'm going to likely give them both a break and try again in a couple of months. Although there were things I loved from both boxes, overall, I was underwhelmed.

  • hotmessmom keller

    hotmessmom keller

     3 months ago

    What a joke you got hear. Amish much? So sorry. And tour daughter is so adorable. I love it. Girl scouts. So awesome. Mg daughter started that this year. Super awesome. I love her name and you two are super cute. But these boxes. How lame. I hope you end up with better luck next time or other boxes. Would you do me a favor and go subscribe to my channel?

  • xydoit


     3 months ago

    I love the dress and the top stitch fix sent you.

  • xydoit


     3 months ago

    She looks like you.

  • xydoit


     3 months ago

    You back after you left and back.

  • Kimberly King

    Kimberly King

     3 months ago

    I like the Jeans with the strip shirt. Question? Are you able to go out say to the mall and walk around and ware an outfit? Or is it just try on and like or send back? sometimes you need to ware things out and see how they feel as well as others compliments

  • kelly Martin

    kelly Martin

     4 months ago

    The ruching on the Stylogic dress made you look like you had gills on your ribs like a mermaid.

  • R.B. Johnson

    R.B. Johnson

     5 months ago

    I loved the dress! But then, I'm 61 years old, so.... lol

  • Krissy Peadon

    Krissy Peadon

     6 months ago

    It cracks me up that she was like "I can't trust reviewers of Dia & Co and Stitch fix because their all sponsored" and then talks about how she has affiliation codes with them now.

  • Nikster5000


     6 months ago

    Please do 1 or 2 more boxes from dia and co. See if it gets better.

  • dashardon investments

    dashardon investments

     6 months ago

    Good video but they are all a no go. Based on this I’d not subscribe to the boxes. That dress was s Madea dress

  • Michelle O

    Michelle O

     6 months ago

    That black and white shirt looks really good on you and those tan flats. The black and white dress actually did not look bad though at all :)

  • Nancy Hopkins

    Nancy Hopkins

     6 months ago

    Love your video-but that dress-looked liked something that should have covered grandma's sofa!

  • claypool4208


     7 months ago

    Honey, no. My Mom wouldn't wear that dress or those jeans...a 16/18 isn't a size 20 either! Idiots.

  • Ceci Guillen

    Ceci Guillen

     7 months ago

    Hi Sarah! I absolutely love your orange make up. I have tried it a few times, but I am not quite there yet haha. Could you make a video on how to do it? Thanks a lot!