I Paid Artists on FIVERR To Finish My Drawing...

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 20, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/MSGI5Uu5REk


  • SirVampyr

     2 months ago

    Even better: Pull out your app, generate a random description for a character and submit it for someone to draw. Meanwhile you also draw your interpretation and we can see how different two people work from the same baseline!

  • Carter Schmidt

     2 days ago

    Yes! if he does it again he should use his app to generate a character and create his own final piece.

  • Karmel

     9 days ago

    Ooo I like that idea

  • ThreeFreeTrees

     1 months ago

    You should draw a massive drawing and split it into 4 peices. Then hire 4 artists to each draw one corner and combine them all

  • Taylor Hastie

     4 days ago


  • DenkiBoi

     10 days ago

    awesome idea

  • Nunof Yerbizness

     a months ago

    $25: The concept art$100: The finished book$150: The outsourced TV series$285: The theatrical film adaption

  • Aurora Häkli

     10 days ago

    @Lunarcat Lord07 Bro, have you seen concept art? That shit looks amazing, it's just not polished. The comparison is apt.

  • Matthew Bond

     11 days ago

    The $25 robot isn't great, but there's well over $25 worth of work everywhere else already. I kind want to see what they'd do if they had another $25 just to redo the robot.

  • LegoGT

     1 months ago

    90% of the comments :$25 is too underpriced$100 is the best overall....I agree with this.

  • Tabula Rasa

     13 days ago

    Said it in another comment string, but here goes!Cheaper price = more clients = more experience/practice = better products = less time investment per piece = more revenue.

  • LegoGT

     18 days ago

    @andrews does memes I agree with that

  • Jadan DeMarco

     1 months ago

    Ok but could you imagine one of the artists watching this and being like "HEY!! I MADE THAT! THATS MEEE!!!"

  • Aii iiA

     2 days ago


  • 11kele

     18 days ago

    And it turns out that he was the one who forgot to include heroic cat...

  • Eric Ramos

     1 months ago

    *Mad respect for the $25 one, really overdid it (in a good way)*

  • Aii iiA

     2 days ago

    Agreed ❤👌 talk about really delivering

  • Al S

     6 days ago

    @Drawpics by Sarah I had a feeling it was painted by a woman by the way you undervalued the worth of your work. Go get yourself a confidence of a mediocre white man and earn the money you deserve!

  • Clever Cosby

     1 months ago

    The 150 is the only one that did a book cover aspect ratio

  • TheAwesomeAccount

     29 days ago

    He may have intended the cover to wrap around the front and back. But prob not

  • Hi im Iny

     1 months ago

    Alternative title: jazza does free sponsorship for freelance artists

  • Firebrand

     28 days ago

    @emobunny8 To be fair -- he's not doing Marketing for them (that would be a service they'd have to pay for). He's fairly using the art he paid for (consider that businesses don't put the digital artists name on a poster thats used for an advertisement). It could've been nice to share the names; but considering his channel is valuable, its understandable not to emphasize it (for example, CocaCola doesn't list other companies on their cans of coke that they use art from -- his episode is like a can of ...

  • Hi im Iny

     1 months ago

    @emobunny8 their names apear on screen while he is hiring them

  • A. Richter

     1 months ago

    The $25 artist needs to charge more for their work.

  • SinerAthin

     17 days ago

    It's all about getting established, I think. Especially in the freelance artist world.Artists, both good and bad, start out with minimal prices and then go up from there depending on their demand/popularityIt's not like a solid job where with the right connections/qualifications, you'll step in and immediately earn big bucks despite being a newbie on the workplace.

  • Sheogorath The Trickster

     29 days ago

    They're charging 60 now :)

  • Aviko

     1 months ago

    The $150 one would be a perfect front cover for a book.

  • V S

     26 days ago

    Right? The artist really delivered everything he asked for. Superb attention to detail.

  • fried friese

     28 days ago

    Yeah because of the canvas ratio