Will a Gas Engine Run on Kerosene? Lets try it!

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 26, 2018
  • Hundreds of those leaving comments requested I put together a video testing the use of kerosene in a gas engine. I tested 4 engines and they all successfully ran on 100% Kerosene. Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for supporting the channel: https://www.patreon.com/projectfarm
  • Source: https://youtu.be/MTlNjRDOJ5E


  • Traveling Unhinged

    Traveling Unhinged

     15 hours ago

    Older engines when you would switch over would adjust the spark timing to eliminate the knock

  • ferenc dold

    ferenc dold

     21 hours ago

    A diesel engine can run on gasoline. Runs like crap due to the lower cetane

  • Ken



    Why would you ad octane boost on a low compression engine, it is meant for high compression engines. It does slow the combustion of the fuel but would give terrible fuel economy

  • busmekanx


     2 days ago

    I would be curious how well a diesel would run on kerosene notably the emissions. I have beef with new diesels and think its cheap dirty fuel.

  • steady eddie

    steady eddie

     2 days ago

    is that what you mean by using a generator to operate the mower

  • elvine214


     2 days ago

    Now, I know, why a Honda is so reliable x)

  • Randy Green

    Randy Green

     2 days ago

    I'm building a Home Made gocart similar to yours, needs to know if you might have a good used mot...never mind.

  • Brian Love

    Brian Love

     2 days ago

    If you are driving an A model Ford, not a problem



     3 days ago +1

    For a clean running engine - pour 1 gallon of kerosene, 5 cups of bleach, 2 cups of fine sand and 20 mothballs into the gas tank. Get onto the highway and drive FULL THROTTLE for approximately 50 miles - stopping for nothing. Do this every 6 months for a spotless and sanitized engine.

  • Craig Pennington

    Craig Pennington

     3 days ago

    We started our old John Deer Tractor on gas then switched over to kerosene once it was running. The were called Johnny Pops (2) cylinders.



     4 days ago

    Some one could tell him to piss in the tank and I believe we would see a video on it soon ! LOL I admire your curiosity

  • Duggy Dugg

    Duggy Dugg

     4 days ago

    all these guys 'go ahead' or in this case he 'went ahead' and...
    the older generations say go ahead and.......
    the way millennials say 'like '



     4 days ago

    First off, if you were out of gas, why the hell would you have Kerosene around? It just seems random and unlikely. The only thing I've ever used Kerosene for was for a heater and I haven't bought or used one in years.

  • JoJo NoNo

    JoJo NoNo

     4 days ago

    Dad was telling me about people running kerosene in their cars in WW-II since everything was rationed. People would dump a five gallon can or two of kerosene in their gas tanks to get back and forth to work since they had to burn something if their gasoline ration stamps didn't hold out. Most people don't know that diesel engines will run on just about anything that looks like fuel so on the battle field you might have to fill up the trucks or tanks with gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, mineral spirits, whatever.

  • Darren Curtiss

    Darren Curtiss

     5 days ago

    Try moonshine

  • Miles O'Roads

    Miles O'Roads

     5 days ago

    Mowed our yard once as a teen with kerosene. In tall grass sounded horrible and rolled white smoke. Mom said it had to be mowed before I could leave and we was out of gas,so.....

  • David Lewis

    David Lewis

     5 days ago

    Should try JP.4 ( jet fuel ) or Av -Gas

  • Second Fleet Actual

    Second Fleet Actual

     5 days ago

    I have a question. In an emergency can you run a gasoline engine on nothing but fuel additives like Lucas and such

  • gotanmp3


     5 days ago

    Not sure if anyone else pointed this out yet, but that wasn't kerosene. The stuff the hardware stores sell in the plastic containers as kerosene is actually stoddard solvent. Big difference being, it has a lower flash point than is typical of kerosene.

  • Keith Babola

    Keith Babola

     5 days ago

    Lawnmower doesn't have timing adjust. But if it takes longer to burn maybe advanced timing may help