Owner Makes A LETHAL Mistake When Defrosting Chicken | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 31, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/MVEyFtc2f-Y


  • Gi DB

     4 months ago

    Man...when Jeff was crying saying he’s a failure...I felt that :/

  • Joseph Beck

     55 minutes ago

    he deserved it

  • Hummingbird Cake

     2 days ago

    When Jeff started crying, even though I felt bad for him, it also showed me that there was hope in the restraunt if at least one owner cared.


     5 months ago

    I feel like Gordon always made to seem like a monster but in reality food and cooking is something he’s passionate about. He’s just being real and honest with these people. Like when the owner cried he was encouraging him. He genuinely wants to make their restaurants better

  • mccreamy


    i think chef Ramsay really doesnt like the owners or chefs that are too full of themselves and like??? brag with baseless arrogance. but if it's an owner or a chef that's really passionate and hardworking and chef Ramsay knows that like with Jeff, hes encouraging and soft spoken and he builds them up to get them to realise their potential

  • Arjay Ilan

     3 days ago

    Nope I don't feel the same

  • MikaPii's Channel

     7 months ago

    Im shocked nobody ever runs up to Gordon and asks for a picture when he casually walks into a restauraunt

  • Cesar Palmos

     22 hours ago

    Because he doesn't want it to be about him. He wants it about making that restaurant a better place.

  • oldtwins na


    people, it's all planned and staged out. literally, a whole production crew sets up massive lighting props to get good footage. the restaurant is closed for special event and extras brought in accordingly.

  • Blaze Asher

     9 months ago

    Jeff is actually me when anything bad happens. I just break down and start crying. And sometimes my band teacher has to take me out of the room and talk to me about it

  • and i oop-


    Y’all people shut up with the “pussy” comments. People deal with stress differently and it’s okay. Some people brave through while others can’t help but feel weak. You don’t know what people go through because you’ve never been in their shoes. Just keep going and stay strong.

  • Rschr101


    Never let them see you bleed

  • william njagi

     4 months ago

    3:23 When people say " Gordon is a monster" I disagree

  • Iton Ellison

     2 days ago

    Gordon is a true cook who loves what he does.


     15 days ago

    he actually has good points about the kitchen and other stuff so his not completely incorrect

  • Jacob McMillan

     3 months ago

    That’s so sad 😭 he’s in his own restaurant saying he’s a failure and he’s so upset, see that’s why Ramsey is there, to turn that around

  • PotatoIse

     3 days ago

    @Jilly Springva good question.

  • Jilly Springva

     3 days ago

    Jacob McMillan I agree with you but, who’s Ramsey?

  • The Male BLINK

     7 months ago

    I felt Jeff’s pain... No matter how hard I try, no matter how much time I put into to something, I cannot seem to master it. School for example, as well as basketball. I love basketball, but I’m terrible and always shamed for being bad, and I’m starting to question why I even tried in the first place :(

  • and i oop-


    The Male BLINK Stay strong! If you work at it, you’ll become more knowledgeable in the sport. And forget the people who say you should man up. It’s healthy to express emotions. You can’t bottle it up forever!

  • Mo Money


    @ivorysteele he apparently gave up on fortnite and csgo to

  • Geetika Luthra

     3 months ago

    Gordon melts as soon as someone cries :'-) Melts me too!!

  • Joseph Fraire

     16 days ago

    Geetika Luthra BABAHA

  • Wzrd

     17 days ago

    I mean it shows they care, so I guess that's why.

  • Cacteyes

     7 months ago

    The twins are both honestly really nice once you watch the full episode, Jeff is definitely a softie and Jim’s a bit more arrogant. Seeing them being successful and responsible now is honestly really wholesome and is under appreciated.

  • Rachel C

     4 days ago

    Swedish Mapping The restaurant is called Capri. I think it’s late season 3 or 4

  • Swedish Mapping

     8 days ago

    What episode is it?

  • Chrissie Roberts

     6 months ago

    Ramsey is hard, because he cares. I feel sorry for twins they need help to learn how to run a safe and clean kitchen.

  • nigelft

     16 days ago

    Well, Gordon must have taught them something, as last time I looked, their restaurant is still open ...

  • S .M

     21 days ago

    Chrissie Roberts they also need to learn how to cook